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Located in the south-east of Florida, on the Atlantic coast, Fort Lauderdale is a city of beaches and parties. It has dozens of clubs, pubs and beach-side bars. More about study in Ft Lauderdale
It is also the international centre for sailing, yachting and windsurfing, which is why one sees so many yachts and boats per km2. It’s a way of life here. You will find other alternatives to sand and water, as the city and Florida in general are home to a surprising number of historical sites and entertainment possibilites. Its fantastic climate makes it a dream destination throughout the year. Return to introduction...
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English language schools in Ft Lauderdale

Embassy English

Embassy English

Our partner school is located in the lively Riverfront district of this popular tropical holiday destination. You will only be a few steps from cinemas, ...

Language school Embassy English

LAL - Language Centre

LAL - Language Centre

Established in 1992, our partner school occupies the modern premises of the La Quinta Inn and is conveniently located to the east of the city ...

Language school LAL - Language Centre
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Learn English in Ft Lauderdale, USA

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