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Odessa and its colourful population is located in the west of the country, on the shores of the Black Sea. The architecture of this city, open to diverse influences by virtue of its geographical location, is strongly inspired by French and Italian styles. More about study in Odessa
Often called the Marseille of Ukraine, Odessa demonstrates a lively spirit of liberty and irony. The city entered into cinematic legend through the famous monumental stairway directed by Eisenstein in the film "The Battleship Potemkin". Odessa developed a great deal in the second half of the 20th century. Its function as a naval base and as a shipping port for a considerable fishing fleet make it into a leading economic and strategic crossroads. The city has direct train connections with the largest cities of Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Moldovia. An international airport ensures air connections and the port gives access to the ports of call located around the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. A tourist destination with a southern atmosphere, Odessa has kilometres of fine sand beaches, a multitude of cafés, restaurants and trendy discos. Open-air markets animate the streets and the buildings, impressive through their beauty and size, tell of a fertile past. The maritime port, accessible from the famous Potemkin Stairs, is a highly appreciated walking place. The caressing sea, the sand beaches, the generous sun, the fresh and dry air and the presence in the region of Odessa of limans (lagoons) with large reserves of healing muds make ths city into an important seaside resort. Add to this museums, theatres, parks and gardens and you're sure of a very pleasant stay! Return to introduction...
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Originally established in Kiev, our Novamova partner school also offers Russian courses in Odessa in the summer – and the chance to combine the two ...

Language school NovaMova

Odessa Language Study Centre

Odessa Language Study Centre

Established in the historical centre of Odessa, our partner school is easily reached by public transport. It is located close to a green communal park ...

Language school Odessa Language Study Centre
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