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The "GAP YEAR" programme is destined for those who wish to travel abroad for an experience in active language immersion, with several months at their disposal, and who have the aim to command a foreign language. The programmes we propose here are based on sessions of three months or more. They are presented in the form of modules in order to construct a personalised academic and practical pathway. Our GAP YEAR programmes have been developed in order to combine, in a flexible and tailor-made way, according to the time available, the objectives and individual needs of each student. Our programmes are aimed at those who wish to live abroad in order to acquire the command of a language and use a unique experience abroad in their favour. They are therefore not directly linked to the baccalaureat or other degree systems. They are complementary, open to everyone without exception, for all levels of language knowledge, as they are based on the acquisition and use of a foreign language in another country. Your ESL team.

Our GAP programmes

Your advantages

  • Wide choice of destinations and renowned schools
  • Internship and Voluntary Work Programmes coordinated by the schools
  • Special offers on long-term language stays
  • Competent and personalised advice service
  • Original prices & low price guarantee
  • Free enrolment & administration
  • Free flights
  • Free exam cancellation insurance
  • Discounts for families/couples

ESL quality

An efficient academic structure which offers a large choice of courses for all levels. So, whatever your knowledge, you can take a course corresponding to your level in any of the schools. Challenging courses in mini-groups, both dynamic and reliable, which contribute to creating a stimulating atmosphere in the classroom through a modern methodological and didactic approach and enable students to make quick progress. The Gap Year programmes have been developed to allow students to validate their competences by taking worldwide recognised official certificates.

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