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If you know your dative from your accusative and your genitive from your nominative, a career in teaching German can be rewarding and enjoyable. Roughly a third of schoolchildren in the EU learn German: Europe’s most-spoken mother tongue*.

As a key language of business, German is in huge demand in boardrooms around the world. This creates a high demand for teachers of German who can tailor tuition to different audiences. But German is also the language of Goethe and Schiller, Brecht and Grass... as a teacher of German you will open German-speaking cultures to your students.

Our German teacher training, offered in partnership with leading teacher training centres in Germany, will help you acquire and perfect the skills needed to teach German in a variety of contexts.

*EU Eurobarometer report 2006



Education is taken seriously in the European Union’s largest member state. The land of Goethe and Brecht is ...

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