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Matthias Kappler

This was a very positive experience. I had heard a lot of positive and negative comments about the place before I arrived, but I must say I was positively surprised. Yes, it is a major tourist attraction and the beach is not the most beautiful you could ever imagine, but I realised there was much more on offer than I expected.

Although the place is not too big, there is a huge range of good restaurants, and if you want to learn how to surf, you can find a good teacher on the spot. For experienced surfers, there are great beaches just a few kilometres away. The school is also beautiful, with a pleasant garden and a swimming pool where you can refresh when it’s really hot.

The teaching was a great quality and if you get the right teacher, you can even have lessons in the garden of the school sometimes. For me, the only negative thing was that teachers were very indulgent with students who preferred to spend the afternoon on the beach rather than at the school. But all in all, I really enjoyed my stay abroad.

Livia Künzi

Course venue: ILSC Education Group, Vancouver
Duration: 4 weeks
The theme of the programme was very interesting. We talked about topics that are so important and learnt so many things everyday. For example, we talked about the new oil pipeline from Alberta to BC, the Kyoto, Rio and Montreal protocols, the various ecosystems, etc. We also left the classroom in order to see what Vancouver has to offer regarding sustainability and the environment. We went to a First Nations demonstration, it was very interesting. A woman told us everything about it: amazing! We also visited the Burns Bog Delta Nature Reserve because it has a special ecosystem. In class, we talked about current events, which are happening at the moment, and discussed how they are perceived around the world. So every student contributed to the debate. It was my first time there and I loved it!

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