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The dynamic establishments that we have selected all offer you the same basic advantages ensuring the success of your language course:

Quality Institutions

All of the schools that we work with have been established partners for several years and are internationally recognised. They are affiliated to federations and/or professional associations and are accredited by the following quality control insitutions:

ESL Quality

An effective academic structure allows us to offer a wide range of courses at all levels. Whatever your knowledge you can thus follow a course that is suitable for you in any of the ESL partner schools.

Stimulating lessons in small groups combine dynamism and serious study and use a modern methodological and didactic approach to create a motivational classroom atmosphere that facilitates rapid progress. It is a new way to learn a language - effective and attractive.

Teachers are well-qualified and experienced in teaching their native language to foreigners and place particular emphasis on actively exploiting the international composition of their classes to create a motivational working atmosphere.

Different accommodation options and a wide range of leisure activities offer you a busy and enjoyable life outside of lessons. The quality of cultural excursions and human relations abroad are the other essential aspects of the success of a language course. This is why our partner schools carefully select a variety of accommodation options and develop attractive activity programmes.


(The Accrediting Commission of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training)
This association provides institutional accreditation for organizations whose primary function is for educational purposes and also for organizations offering continuing education. ACCET accredits non-collegiate continuing education and training organizations throughout the United States as well as programs abroad. ACCET is similar to the British Council in the UK, visiting all their accredited schools every 3 years. The schools accredited by ACCET are among the best in the USA.

Our language schools recognized by ACCET


(International Association of Language Centres)
IALC is an association of more than 60 language schools, which have the same quality standards and are periodically submitted to review.

Our language schools recognized by IALC

British Council

This British governmental organization examines and determines the quality of language schools.

Our language schools recognized by the British Council

English UK

This label is the result of a fusion of two of the most important quality control organisms ARELS and BASELT. Membership conditions are as follows:

• High quality teaching • Qualified teachers • Detailed programmes • Carefully selected families • Students from diverse backgrounds.

Our language schools recognized by English UK

Quality English

This label is uniquely accessible to independent schools of excellent reputation offering quality programmes that conform to strict standards. They are all accredited by the British Council and English UK.

Our language schools recognized by Quality English

BAC (The British Accreditation Council)

This accreditation is responsible for maintaining academic standards for higher education and specialized studies in Great Britain. It accords particular attention to foreign students.

Our language schools recognized by BAC

English Australia

This official Australian label accredits only schools fulfilling certain quality criteria.

Our language schools recognized by English Australia


(Australian Council for Private Education and Training) ACPET is an association of independent providers of education services and/or of higher education for Australian and international students.

Our language schools recognized by ACPET


(Associazione Scuole d’Italiano come Lingua Seconda) This association brings together the best schools teaching Italian in Italy. Its aim is to manage the commercial and didactic competence of member schools and to enforce European quality standards in the linguistic field.

Our language schools recognized by ASILS


(English New Zealand) This federation, which brings together private, accredited schools teaching English, is recognized by the New Zealand Department of Education.

Our language schools recognized by ENZ


(Marketing English in Ireland) This association brings together Irish schools teaching English. Members of MEI are also recognised by the Irish Department of Education.

Our language schools recognised by MEI


(The European Association for Quality Language Services) This Pan-European association brings together all service providers concerned with language teaching, with the aim of securing the quality of the service providers of the private and public economy.

Our language schools recognised by EAQUALS


(Education South Africa)
Previously known as ELTASA (English language Travel Association of South Africa), EduSA is now a sub-sector of SAYTC (South African Youth and Travel Confederation) and brings together actors of the language travel industry in South Africa. It aims to promote and encourage growth in the sector by guaranteeing the quality and professionalism of its members.

Our language schools recognized by EduSA


(Fachverband Deutsch als Fremdsprache) This national organisation guarantees the quality of the teaching body and content of German as a foreign language lessons given in Germany’s schools and universities.

Our language schools recognized by FaDaF

International House

International federation of regularly inspected schools that work according to quality criteria of a high standard.

Our language schools recognized by International House


(Calidad en la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera) This association stemming from the University of Alcalá is the symbol of quality guarantee for Spanish schools in Spain. All ESL partner schools have successfully passed the CEELE inspection.

Our language schools recognized by CEELE


(World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation) This organisation has been in existence for 50 years and is the biggest and most influential organisation in the field of youth travel. WYSE contains about 350 members spread over 60 countries.

Our language schools recognized by WYSE


The LANGUAGE CANADA objective is to guarantee that its members provide high-quality services

Our language schools recognized by LANGUAGE CANADA


NEAS endorses English language centres in universities, colleges and high schools. Endorsed centres are granted the NEAS quality mark, internationally recognized and valued by students, teachers, agents and governments.

Our language schools recognized by NEAS


(Association of Language Travel Organisations) This association includes 120 organisations in 30 countries spread over 5 continents. This organisation brings together associations that run language holidays and work according to the ALTO quality charter.

Our language schools recognized by ALTO


(The American Association of intensive English Programmes) This association exercises the function of national professional association regarding English language schools. It brings together the schools working according to a quality charter.

Our language schools recognized by AAIEP

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