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In order to learn the language of your choice in the country of your choice, live and study in your teacher’s home!
Do you think studying in a classroom is not the best way for you to learn a foreign language? Shyness? Lack of motivation? Lack of time? Too few occasions to express yourself? Are you looking for a targeted programme and training at the heart of the language?
We have a tailor-made, quality solution to offer you!
The effectiveness of the courses in the teacher’s home lies in the method: a language course in total immersion in your teacher’s home, in order to focus on your specific needs during private lessons. A choice of 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of courses per week. Course options designed for students, professionals of all fields and for those who want to make a lot of progress in a minimum amount of time. These programmes are geared to participants of all levels, with no age limit!

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