ESL has once again been voted Europe’s Star Study Abroad Agency!

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STM Awards 2014

For the 3rd year, ESL – Language Travel was voted Europe’s Star Agency at the STM Awards 2014, which took place on 31st August 2014. This award recognises excellent services provided by professionals in the study abroad industry.

This is the result of a poll carried out by British publisher Hothouse Media. Several thousand accredited language schools from all over the world were asked for their opinion and recognised that ESL is still one of the best agencies in Europe.

We are very happy about our long-standing relationships with our partner schools and will meet you next year for the award ceremony.

ESL, winner in 2010, 2011 and... 2014!

After being voted Europe’s STAR Agency in 2010 and 2011, this vote strengthens ESL’s position as one of the industry leaders. Like an Oscar for the language travel industry, this award recognises the quality work of ESL’s staff.

“For nearly 2 decades, we have been committed to providing the best services to both our partner schools and the people who travel with us. This award, for the third time, is a recognition of our long-standing and enduring work and we are very honoured to have won it”, Head of Products & Partnerships Krister Weidenhielm declared with delight.

Photo of the awards in 2014:

Video of the 2011 awards:

Video of the 2010 awards:


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