ESL Junior Language courses New Haven Campus 13 17
English school in New Haven

New Haven Campus (13-17)

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New Haven Campus (13-17)

For more than three hundred years, Yale has been nurturing leading personalities among which presidents such as Howard, Ford, Bush father and son or Bill Clinton. 29 Nobel prizes are listed in the history of this institution, which proudly claims its membership in the Ivy League (association of the 8 highest ranked schools of the United States). 800 meters away from the famous university campus of Yale and from the centre of New Haven, our programme is held on the historical campus which stretches its impressive buildings lined with trimmed gardens. Teachers teach in well-equipped classes and are determined to take your English a step further. Seize the opportunity to study surrounded by this unique atmosphere and you will definitely make meaningful progress while enjoying all the city has to offer, only a few minutes away from the campus.

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New Haven Campus (13-17)
English school in New Haven
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ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.



On the campus itself, your residence will provide you with all the necessary comfort for you to feel at ease right away. Students will be assigned to rooms of 2 or 3 beds, according to gender and will share the bathrooms with the other occupants of their room. Access to the Internet is free (Wifi). Three daily meals (20 per week and brunch on Sunday morning) will be taken together with the other international students in the residence’s dining room. The residence is guarded 24h/24.

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