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Language courses abroad for the over-50s: Courses

The exact details of the courses vary between schools and destinations, but there are certain characteristics shared by all of our programmes:

Ideal dates throughout the year

Popular destinations become very busy during their peak season, which coincides with school holidays. The 50+ programmes are offered outside of the height of peak season, making for a more relaxed atmosphere. 

2-week programmes

This is the perfect amount of time to combine language study and cultural immersion. You can really get to know your destination and dive deeper into the culture than during a single week. 

Designed especially for learners aged 50+

In contrast to courses for younger learners which may focus on using languages in professional or academic environments, you will learn vocabulary to make your holidays more enjoyable and the local culture more accessible.

Communication-based learning

The teachers focus on learning through communication. This involves exercises and group work designed to simulate conversation in everyday situations. By learning in this way, you will be ready to communicate in the real world, outside of the classroom.

Superb activities

Really get beneath the surface of your destination. After morning class and at weekends, the school organises a superb range of activities for you to enjoy with your classmates. 

Emphasis on culture

The lessons and activities focus on culture, to give the language context. Through a diverse activities programme, you will enjoy great group dynamics while learning all about local history, gastronomy and traditions. 

Structured study & trip

The package includes tuition and enrolment, accommodation and an activities/excursions programme. All elements of the trip are designed to help you study while enjoying an active break.

Intercultural exchange

You will study and share experiences with people from all over the world. Not only is this a richly rewarding experience, but you will also use the language you are learning for authentic intercultural communication. 
Please note that in certain circumstances, lessons may include learners of all ages. This may happen if it gives the group a more balanced language level, which is important to ensure the lessons are appropriate. If this is the case, the specialised activities programme will still be exclusively for 50+ learners. 


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    If you find our programmes cheaper with another language travel agency, you will be refunded 100% of the price difference.


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Carlos Alonso Rodríguez

Galway was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s a small but incredibly lively city, and it’s impossible to get bored there. It has all the atmosphere of a university town, and every night, there’s something to do, like the salsa nights on Wednesdays at Monroe’s and Fridays at The Front Door. The people there are really friendly and try to help you as much as they can. I stayed with a host family, and they treated me as if I were their own son.

I would also like to mention the Atlantic language school. I had an incredible 8 months there, and every week you have the chance to meet new people. I made lifelong friends, and today I’m still in touch with people from Brazil, Italy and South Korea, to name a few.

If I had the opportunity to go back, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

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My one-to-one language stay at Mr & Mrs Smith’s home in Worthing was very good. The couple is very nice and helpful. From Monday to Friday, in the morning I had a 3-hour lesson (often more than 3 hours) with few breaks, and in the evening I had to do some homework in my bedroom (I requested it!). In the afternoon, Tony and his wife Anne would have me visit the surroundings and keep me busy. They are very nice and they welcomed me into their family life as if I were a real member. Their home is simple but comfortable: I had my own big room (around 15m2) facing the garden, and it was very quiet. Tony and Anne were very careful with the food quality (they like organic products), so I ate very well the whole time; Anne likes to cook for her guests and tries to satisfy everyone’s taste.

In a nutshell, I am very happy about this experience: I improved my English in the best conditions and discovered the surrounding region.

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Carmen María Pons Salvador

My stay in Exeter was a beautiful experience both on the personal level as well as on the language learning level.

At ESL, they advised me very well in Valencia. With highly personal service and great organisation, they were always making sure that my trip met my expectations. Both my host family and the GLOBE school were of the highest quality.

Of course, I would go back to ESL again for its amazing service and professionalism.

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