Language Course & Internship programmes
The internship always takes place after a language course, as it prepares the student to work in a local company. For the student to be able to use his/her own skills, he/she must have reached the necessary language level enabling him or her to meet the demands of the internship. This criterion is essential to the smooth running and success of the programme.
Divided into two stages, this programme includes : a language course and an unpaid internship in a company.
First stage: language course
You will start with an intensive language course which will enable you to meet the demands of the internship. During the first stage of the programme, you will also be given help to take the necessary steps enabling you to work as an unpaid intern in a company after the language course:

  • a personalised analysis to identify your skills and interests
  • CV writing and job application letters
  • interviews with potential employers on site.
This way, you will be given a global and objective understanding of the local professional sector and determine the goals you expect to reach.
Second stage: unpaid internship in a company
You will then be working in a company as an unpaid intern. By meeting various professionals and completing a number of tasks, you will quickly familiarize yourself with the chosen professional sector.  Little by little, you will have more and more responsibilities and take on specific projects. To ensure the success of this programme, it is essential that the intern not only communicates easily in the language spoken at work, but also is motivated and always available.
Professional sectors
The professional sectors available include all those involved in communications (services, marketing, sales, hospitality, tourism, information technology, new technologies, law, social, etc.). There are many opportunities on offer so do not restrict yourself to one single sector but consider this programme as a whole: the perfect experience to gain good language skills and use them working in a foreign company.
Two complementary activities
This programme is a real opportunity for those who wish to be fluent in a foreign language. Total immersion in two complementary activities, a formal language training course and a practical internship, is a real asset for your future.

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