Paid jobs in Canada

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable experience, which would combine learning English and a paid job?

Look no more… In Vancouver, the Work Experience Program is made for you!

This program is designed for students who, thanks to a language study trip and a practical experience within a local company, wish to substantially improve their English.

The “Working Holiday” consists of two parts: after a 12-week intensive English course, you will work for 12 weeks within a Canadian company.

In total immersion in the English language, you will earn some pocket money and thus finance a part of your programme or your travels around the country. Once you are back home, your resume will be international!

Jobs opportunities are mainly in the tourism and hotel industry, or in retail. These jobs, called “entry-level” jobs, do not require much qualification, but will provide you with a valuable professional experience in a local company, which is much appreciated by numerous employers.

Those participating in the program will need a “Working Holiday Visa”, valid for a minimum of 6 months working time on Canadian territory, and to complete the application form “ILSC Working Holiday Program”.

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