Junior Chinese (Mandarin) courses in China

Populous: that is certainly one way to describe this republic, since one out of five people on the planet is Chinese. Colossal too: with a surface area of more than ten million square kilometres, there is enough space to get lost among its valleys and mountains, as well as monuments to visit (the Great Wall being just the visible part of an enormous heritage) and the legacy of its successive dynasties. In China, you will be in the land of your dreams. In the eastern Shadong province, the seaside city of Quindao brews its own beer and hosts an international festival dedicated to the Goddess of Brewers. Quindao is a good example of what contemporary China is today, with its continuous processions of cyclists, non-stop activity and rapid modernisation. Located under the famous Laoshan Mountain, venerated by Taoists, the city is surrounded by captivating natural landscapes. China, the world’s third biggest country, offers a wide range of excursion possibilities, with an extended railway network and long distance bus services throughout its provinces. In the cities, the Chinese people’s classical way of life is being gradually combined with an intensive Occidental influence. As for gastronomy, which has long been one of China’s principal exports, you will discover how rich and subtle it really is, compared to what you might taste in a Chinese restaurant in New York or Paris.

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