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2014 The city inaugurates Brisbane’s brand new Riverwalk, a symbol of the city’s resilience. Make sure to take a stroll along this beautiful new pathway that hugs the banks of the Brisbane River.  

2011 The devastating Queensland floods wipe out Brisbane’s Riverwalk and cost the city millions of dollars. 35 Australians lost their lives as a result of the flooding.

1988 The World Expo is held in Brisbane. This completely revitalised the South Bank and transformed it into the cultural hub that it is today! Take a look at the gorgeous Nepalese Peace Pagoda in the South Bank Parklands to see an example of the construction that went into the Expo.

1982 Brisbane hosts the Commonwealth Games – think of it as the Olympics of the former British Empire.

1964 Beatle mania hits Brisbane with two performances of the Fab Four at Festival Hall (now closed). Brisbane continues to have a thriving music scene today with scores of local musicians!

1942 United States General MacArthur arrives in Brisbane to set up headquarters for its involvement in the Pacific during WWII.

1940 Construction is finished on Story Bridge – are you brave enough to climb it?

1930 This year sees the opening of the Brisbane City Hall which today hosts the Brisbane City Museum.

1927 The cutest place in Brisbane, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, begins its operations with conservation as its goal.

1909 The University of Queensland opens, which today has a whopping 50,000+ student body!

1902 Brisbane’s central train station is completed. Its historic façade houses a modern station connecting passengers with all of Australia!

1896 Brisbane ferryboat The Pearl tragically capsizes, resulting in the loss of life of almost everyone aboard.

1893 The Great Flood of Brisbane wreaks havoc on the city as a result of a series of three tropical cyclones. One-third of the population is left homeless. If you ever hear locals refer to “Black February”, this is what they’re talking about.

1864 The Great Fire of Brisbane destroys more than 50 buildings in the city. Most were built out of timber, and there was no real fire brigade established in the city until more than 20 years later.

1859 Queen Victoria authorises the formation of a separate Australian colony, which would be called Queensland. Before this, Brisbane was considered part of New South Wales, the province where Sydney is located.

1855 About 1,000 migrants arrive from Germany, adding to the multiculturalism of Brisbane.

1850 The remaining aboriginals in Brisbane relocate to the Eagle Farm area of the city. There are about twice as many aboriginals as there
are migrants in the city.

1849 Migrants arrive from England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland but are not prepared for the harsh conditions. The government issues rations to keep the settlers from starving.

1842 The Moreton Bay prison is closed and the area is established as an official settlement. Many escaped convicts fled and sought sanctuary with the aboriginal tribes.

1824 The first convict prison is set up at Redcliffe on Moreton Bay. It would later be moved to the site of the current day CBD.

1770 British Captain James Cook names Cape Moreton and Point Lookout as he sails up the coast of Queensland.

~40,000 years ago The Jagera and Turrbal clans of aboriginals settle around the Brisbane River. 
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