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ESL - Attractions

Manly is a wonderful, secluded part of the city... and it doesn’t feel like a city at all. The beach is dreamy, the surfing is superb and the atmosphere is more laid back than Bondi. If you learn English at our Manly language schools, you can enjoy it day in, day out. But even if you study at our Bondi or Sydney Centre language schools, you should check Manly out – it’s around 45 minutes from the livelier parts of the city. The spectacular ferry ride from the city centre offers great views of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Get a great view from the Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Tower Eye

ESL - Attractions
The two best places to get a spectacular, panoramic view of the city are the Bridge and the Tower Eye. Walking along the footpath on the bridge is free and pleasant. Alternatively, you can climb the pylon for little more than the cost of a beer in a bar. If money is no object, there is also an official bridge climb on offer, complete with climbing gear.

Alternatively, the Sydney Tower Eye is 260 metres tall (the same height as the Eiffel Tower) and offers spectacular panoramic views across the city and out to sea. You have the choice of enjoying the view from the inside or doing the Sky Walk around the outside, complete with climbing gear. It’s much cheaper than the bridge walk and no less spectacular. Our partner schools can provide group tickets at good prices.

Sydney's Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters

ESL - Attractions
An hour and half from Central Sydney and our Sydney language schools, the Blue Mountains seem like another world. Local Aborigine legend says that the mountains were formed when Mirigan and Garangatch, half fish and half reptile, fought an epic battle here. Geologists may disagree, but however they got here, the Blue Mountains are truly spectacular. The Three Sisters are three iconic peaks within the mountain range.

Whale Watching

ESL - Attractions
The whales are usually easiest to spot between June and November, when you might even see a mother with her calf. Humpback whales are the most common sight, but all sorts come through Sydney Harbour, including Southern Rights, Orcas, Mink whales, Pilot whales and the very occasional Blue Whale. Seeing whales up close is an experience that will stay with you forever. You can also easily spot dolphins in the water, with Port Stephens being a hotspot.


ESL - Attractions
Bondi is the city beach par excellence and somewhere you are bound to visit during an English course in Sydney. 7km east of Central Sydney, “The people’s beach” is legendary for surfers, volleyball and sunshine. There are sections where you can swim, sections where you can learn to surf and sections where people-watching is the main activity. A shark net is used to deter unwelcome visitors.
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