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2010 Bournemouth celebrates its bi-centenary. Among the celebrations, a special jam and buttercream cake is baked by the mayor’s sister.

2003 £9.5 million Bournemouth Library is completed.

2000 Land in Bournemouth’s exclusive Sandbanks neighbourhood is more expensive than New York's Fifth Avenue.

1984 AFC Bournemouth record their greatest result of all time: a 2-0 win against Manchester United in the FA Cup.

1974 Local government re-organisation transfers Bournemouth from Hampshire to Dorset.

1940 Bournemouth pier is partially demolished to prevent German troops from using it as a landing ground. It is later rebuilt.

1929 After years of discussion, the iconic Bournemouth Pavilion finally opens.

1885 Mont Dore Hotel opens and becomes internationally renowned for its sumptuous luxury, including one of the first telephones in England… the number was "3". The hotel is now the town hall.

1880 After the previous piers washed away in storms, a new Bournemouth Pier is opened by the Lord Mayor of London. Military band concerts take place three times a day in summer and twice a day throughout the winter. The pier is later extended to over 300m in length.

1870 The London and South Western Railway Company opens the first railway station in the town.

1856 Parliament approves the Bournemouth Improvement Act. A board is established to organise everything involved in the running of a growing town, such as paving, sewers, drainage, street lighting and street cleaning. Bournemouth’s first pier is built.

1841 Dr Augustus Bozzi Granville features Bournemouth in the second edition of his book The Spas of England which describes health resorts around the country. He compliments the local air as a remedy for breathing problems.

1810 During a holiday in nearby Christchurch, Lewis Tregonwell revisits ‘Bourne’ with his wife and they buy land, build a house and kickstart the growth of Bournemouth.

Late 18th century Lewis Tregonwell’s troop of Dorset Volunteer Rangers patrols the area of modern Bournemouth on the lookout for any Napoleonic invasion.

12th century Poole Harbour gains significance as the Normans establish themselves in Britain.

43 AD Romans use Poole Harbour as a landing site during their invasion of Britain.

500BC First evidence of human habitation in Poole Harbour area.
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