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Royal Pavilion

ESL - Attractions
Brighton’s very own royal palace is an unusual mix of Indian exterior and Chinese interior. Used by King George IV as a place to entertain friends and lovers, it is a monument to the days when royal families didn’t have to answer to the press. Rumour has it that when Brighton council bought the Pavilion from the royal family in 1850, the council was surprised to discover that Queen Victoria had stripped almost everything of value from within the building! (It has all been replaced in the intervening years).


ESL - Attractions
Ok, so you’re unlikely to miss this one, but Brighton’s beach is the best place to enjoy a sunny summer’s afternoon during your English course in Brighton. If you ask us, it is nicest when you go a little bit away from the city centre, either towards Hove (westwards) or Kemp Town (eastwards). You can have barbecues on most of the beach after 6pm in the summer months... local supermarkets sell cheap disposable barbecues and the council provide bins in which to throw them away.

If you are not afraid of goosebumps, the water is warm and clean enough to swim in. There is even a local tradition of going swimming on Christmas Day!

Sussex countryside

ESL - Attractions
Brighton is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The Seven Sisters Country Park is a bus ride from the city, on the way to Eastbourne; a walk along the chalky cliffs is great when you need some fresh air. It is a popular trip for students from Brighton’s language schools. If you go inland instead, Devil’s Dyke is the starting point for walks on the South Downs. It is also famous for illegal electronic music “raves” during the summer months, much to the annoyance of the peace and quiet loving local residents.

Lewes, Hastings, Rottingdean...

ESL - Attractions
The smaller towns around Brighton can all be reached by bus. In contrast to cosmopolitan Brighton, they offer a taste of traditional England, where the ritual of afternoon tea is observed properly! Hastings is charming, Rottingdean is a lovely seafront walk away from Brighton, Lewes is famous for its antiques shops and pagan celebrations on Bonfire Night (5th November). And Central London is just 50 minutes away on the train (see our tip for getting cheap train tickets)
North Laine & The Lanes
Brighton’s shopping areas are full of independent boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants. Once the shoppers have disappeared for the night, the pubs come alive and keep going until late. You can often find things in the lanes that cannot be found elsewhere in Britain... not least the people.
ESL - Attractions
Image credit: Juan J. Martínez (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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