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2001 Local resident Fatboy Slim DJs on Brighton beach. 60,000 come and have a great time. When he has another party in 2002, almost five times more people turn up – more than the population of Brighton.

2000 Brighton & Hove becomes a city, instead of two towns.

1964 “Mods” and “Rockers” clash on Brighton seafront. The story is told in the 1979 film Quadrophenia.

1961 Sussex University is founded and quickly gains a liberal reputation. Musicians including Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix and Radiohead have played gigs on campus.

1899 The Palace Pier is built. During the Second World War, half of the pier is removed so it cannot be used as a landing point in an invasion of Britain.

1883 The Volks Electric Railway is built on the beach. It is now the world’s oldest operating electric railway.

1866 The West Pier is built. It burns down in 2003 and only the steel skeleton now remains. Tens of thousands of starlings flock to the pier each year in the late autumn and give an incredible show at sunset as they fly in huge groups.

1841 A railway line between Brighton and London is built and 250,000 visitors start arriving each year in the town. Queen Victoria doesn’t appreciate the lack of privacy and soon sells the Pavilion.

1787 Brighton Pavilion is built. The original building is a classical design, unlike the oriental building of today, which was built in 1815. See Brighton Attractions.

1783 The Prince of Wales and his friends visit Brighton, cementing its popularity as a glamorous destination. Brighton becomes his favourite retreat.

1750 Dr Richard Russell of Lewes writes that bathing in Brighton’s seawater is good for your health. Brighton becomes a fashionable holiday destination for the British aristocracy.

1739 Preston Manor is built. Its gardens are now one of Brighton’s nicest parks and the venue for the annual Pride party.

1660 The modern name Brighton is first used. By 1810 it is the official name of the town.

1651 Following a failed attempt to regain his crown after the civil war, King Charles II sneaks into Brighthelmstone in disguise and is smuggled to France.

1514 Brighthelmstone burned to the ground by French raiders during a war between England and France.

1086 Earliest reference to the fishing village of Brighthelmstone found in the Domesday Book; a survey commissioned by William the Conqueror to find out exactly what he had conquered. Rent is set at 4000 herring.

3500 BC First evidence of human life in the Brighton & Hove area.

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