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2016 In an unexpected turn of events, the British people voted to leave the European Union in the referendum held in June.

2012 London’s third Summer Olympic Games – the first city to host the games three times.

2000 To celebrate the start of the 21st century, the Millennium Dome, London Eye and Millennium Bridge are opened. The London Eye has 32 capsules, representing the 32 boroughs of modern London.

1981 Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer at St. Paul's Cathedral.

1976 100 Club Punk Special – The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks play at the first major punk gig in London.

1966 England wins the football World Cup final at Wembley Stadium.

1959 The West-Indian community in London start the Notting Hill Carnival.

1954 The first red double-decker buses take to the streets.

1908 London’s first Olympic Games. Events include bicycle polo and tug of war.

1863 The world’s first urban metro network opens: The London Underground.

1829 Sir Robert Peel founds London’s Metropolitan Police force. Londoners still call policemen "Bobbies" after the politician.

c. 1805 Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford, comes up with the idea of having tea in the late afternoon to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. The tradition of afternoon tea begins.

1666 The Great Fire of London destroys about 13,200 houses (luckily only 8 people died).

1657 Tea arrives in Britain and is promptly taxed by the government at up to 119%. The high taxes cause massive tea smuggling and, in December 1773, the Boston Tea Party: the beginning of the American War of Independence.

1605 Guy Fawkes and fellow plotters attempt to assassinate King James I in Westminster on 5th November by blowing up the Parliament. To this day, Britons burn effigies of Fawkes and let off fireworks on 5th November.

1491 Henry VIII born in Greenwich. He marries six times, splits England from the Catholic Church, beheads more nobles than any British monarch before or since (including 2 wives, 1 cardinal and 20 peers) and has a waist measurement of 54 inches (137 cm) when he dies.

1348-49 The Black Death - London loses nearly a third of its population.

1066 William the Conqueror is crowned King of England in the newly finished Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day. Britain’s upper classes speak French for the next two centuries.

c.460 The Romans leave England. London is abandoned until the Saxons create a new town called Lundenwic around 600AD (near modern Covent Garden).

43 AD Londinium is founded by the Romans, lasted for 17 years before the Iceni tribe led by Queen Boudica burn it to the ground. The Romans retake the city and modern London is born.
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