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2018 Valletta is European capital of culture.

2011 Divorce legalised after a referendum (52.67% in favour).

2008 Malta joins the Eurozone. After a public vote, the Maltese Cross, coat of arms and the Mnajdra Temples are chosen for the coin designs.

2004 Malta joins the European Union as the member with the smallest population.

1984 Spain defeat Malta 12-1 in a European Football Championship qualifier. Spain need to win by 11 goals to qualify, but the half time score is just 3-1. Allegations of half-time bribery are never proved.

1979 Military base agreement terminated. British forces leave. First Freedom Day celebrated on the 31st of March.

1974 Malta becomes a republic.

1964 Independence within the British Commonwealth. Malta joins the UN.

1942 Malta is awarded the George Cross for the people’s wartime bravery under heavy bombing.

1934 English and Maltese are declared the official languages of Malta.

1921 Amery-Milner constitution grants self-government.

1919 Sette Giugno riots against British rule. British soldiers fire on the crowd and kill four Maltese protesters.

1869 Opening of the Suez Canal makes the Grand Harbour one of the British Empire’s most important ports.

1814 Malta becomes a British Crown Colony.

1799 Britain takes Malta after locals revolt against French rule. British rule comparatively welcome after previous French rulers pillage churches for war funds.

1798 Napoleon Bonaparte takes Malta. Slavery, the Inquisition, and all titles of nobility are abolished, schools and local government introduced. Locals unhappy with the pace of change.

1566 Valletta founded.

1530 Order of the Knights of St John arrive in Malta. In return for perpetual fiefdom, they must pay the King of Sicily an annual fee of a single Maltese falcon.

1397 L-Università ta' Malta established.

1283 Aragonese occupation.

1266 Angevin occupation.

1194 Swabian occupation.

1090 Norman occupation. Legend has it, the modern Maltese flag is created when Count Roger tore his red and white chequered flag during a battle with the Arabs and gave half to the Maltese men at arms.

870 Arab occupation. Cotton and citrus fruits arrive along with innovative agricultural systems such as irrigation.

60 St Paul shipwrecked on Malta. Locals are impressed when he is bitten by a poisonous snake but shows no ill effects.

218BC Roman domination. The islands became a free municipium, or free town.

480BC Carthaginian domination.

800BC Phoenician colonisation.

5200BC Arrival of humans on Malta. 
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