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2014 The historic Scottish referendum takes place, with 55.3% voting “no” to independence and 44.7% voting “yes.” A second referendum is in the works for the future.
2014 The tram to the Edinburgh Airport is completed – super convenient!
2003 The Ocean Terminal, one of the most popular shopping centres in Edinburgh, hosts the MTV Europe Music Awards. Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” won the award for best song.
1993 The first official Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Party takes place, and to this day is one of the city’s most famous events with fireworks, concerts and all-night partying.
1964 Beatle mania hits Edinburgh with a performance by the fab four at the ABC Cinema on Lothian Road.
1947 The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is born when eight uninvited theatre groups crashed the International Festival, and performed on the “fringe” of the main event. The rest is history!
1930 Sean Connery, aka James Bond, is born. Did you know that world-famous accent was Scottish?
1871 The Greyfriars Bobby statue is erected in memory of the loyal dog who stood watch over his owner’s grave until the end of his life.
1864 Edinburgh’s last public hanging takes place (what a relief!).
1846 The final touches are put on the Scott Monument. Today you can climb its 287 steps to the top for dizzying views.
1842 Edinburgh and Glasgow are now connected by railway. Glasgow makes a great day trip from Edinburgh so you can tick another Scottish city off your list.
1828 The famous trial of Burke and Hare for “The Westport Murders” takes place. Check out the black comedy Burke and Hare with Simon Pegg to peek into this grisly history!
1771 Sir Walter Scott, one of Scotland’s most famous writers and the namesake of the Scott Monument, is born.
1671 The first edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica is published right in the centre of Edinburgh.
1645 Mary King’s Close is abandoned (most likely due to the plague) and eventually covered over. A “close” is a local word for a narrow alleyway. It’s since been reopened for spooky visits by the public!
1620 Construction is finished on Greyfriars Kirk, one of Edinburgh’s most famous churches.
1582 The University of Edinburgh is granted a royal charter. Did you know that Charles Darwin, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, Alexander Graham Bell and actor Kevin McKidd from Grey’s Anatomy all graduated from here?
1569 The plague, or “black death” reaches Edinburgh. It would eventually take the lives of millions upon millions of Europeans. 
1567 Mary, Queen of Scots, is forced to abdicate the throne. She is eventually executed by Queen Elizabeth I after years of imprisonment in England.

1565 The Maiden, an early form of the guillotine, becomes the new form of execution. You can see one at the National Museum of Scotland.
1560 Papal authority in Scotland is put to an end.
1437 Edinburgh is now largely considered the capital of Scotland, as the royal residence and parliaments are moved here.
1328 Scottish independence goes into effect with The Treaty of Edinburgh.
1110 St Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh’s oldest building and part of Edinburgh Castle, is built.
960 Edinburgh becomes part of Scottish rule.
600 Human presence at a fortress on Arthur’s Seat is recorded in the Welsh poem, Y Gododdin.
350 million BC The Arthur’s Seat volcano ceases to erupt. 
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