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2002 The Art Basel festival started its run in Miami. It’s now one of the most highly regarded art events in the world!

2000 A 6-year-old Cuban boy, Elián González, was rescued from a boat in the waters around Miami and eventually deported back to Cuba with his father, resulting in a polemic national debate about Cuba and immigration.

1992 Hurricane Andrew caused 20 billion dollars of damage to the city of Miami, leaving it as the 4th poorest city in the country.

1984 The cultural icon of the Miami Vice series began to air. The police drama focused on the drug trade in the city. Who could forget those suits?

1980s The arrival of more immigrants to Miami, in particular from Haiti, resulted in the founding of the Little Haiti neighbourhood – make sure to pay it a visit!

1959 After the Cuban Revolution, Miami began to be flooded with Cuban immigrants, who were granted refugee status as a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

1930s Most of the building of the Art Deco district took place, turning Ocean Drive into an architectural masterpiece.

1920s The Florida Land Boom resulted in a massive wave of construction in Miami. People were attracted to the area because of the city’s relaxed take on Prohibition.

1900-1920 Miami’s population exploded with an increase of 1,681 to 29,549 people!

1891 Julia Tuttle, also credited as a founder of Miami, moved to the area from Ohio and eventually convinced the railroad tycoons to build tracks linking Florida with the rest of the USA.

1870 William Brickell, considered one of the founders of Miami, set up a trading post on the coast.

1855-58 The last remaining Seminoles (except for a small group in a highly isolated settlement in the Everglades) were expelled to Oklahoma as a result of the Third Seminole War.

1835-42 The Second Seminole War was a result of the US government’s attempt to remove the Seminoles from Florida. The Seminole population was radically reduced.

1821 Spain reached an agreement with the USA in which they relinquished control of Florida.

1818-19 (approx.) The First Seminole War consisted of the American army lead by Andrew Jackson to attack the Seminole tribe in Florida. The Seminoles had fought on the side of the British during the American Revolution and the War of 1812.

Early 1800s The Seminole tribe arrives to the area, along with escaped African slaves from some of the other southern states.

1800 The first white settlement was established, which was full of squatters and treasure hunters from The Bahamas searching nearby shipwreck sights.

1766 The area surrounding Miami falls under British control, but, due to a lack of interest by British settlers, eventually went back to the Spanish.

1567 Spanish Jesuits built a mission in Miami but left three years later, decimating the native population with smallpox.

1513 The Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León became the first European to visit the area of modern-day Miami when he sailed into the Biscayne Bay.

3rd century BC This is approximately when the indigenous Tequesta tribe began to inhabit the Miami area. It’s estimated that they lived in the area for 2,000 years. The Mayaimi tribe also lived in the area, which is the origin of the city’s name.
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