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2010 San Francisco Giants win their first baseball World Series title since moving from New York City.

Late 1990s Dot-com boom brings thousands of brainy and ambitious people to the city. Bubble bursts in 2001 and 30,000 leave, only to come back with the next digital boom.

Mid 1980s “Manhattanization” adds skyscrapers to the Financial District.

1981 San Francisco 49ers win their first Super Bowl.

1968 “Bullitt”, starring Steve McQueen, features an iconic car chase around San Francisco.

1967 Summer of Love: world hippy movement centred on Haight-Ashbury. The Castro becomes the city’s LGBT hub.

1962 First and only successful escape from Alcatraz prison… although this is unconfirmed.

1958 The New York Giants move to San Francisco and become the San Francisco Giants.

1950s City Lights Bookstore in North Beach is an important publisher of Beat Generation literature.

1942 San Francisco’s large and settled Japanese community is interned in prisoner of war camps. The vibrant Japantown district falls silent.

1937 Golden Gate Bridge opens. The US Navy had suggested painting it with black and yellow stripes to make it more visible to ships.

1906 Massive earthquake and following fire destroys 80% of the city, which is rebuilt according to its original layout.

1882 Oscar Wilde visits San Francisco, allegedly causing a brief vogue for sunflowers, lilies, and Japanese parasols.

1850s Rapid growth creates the iconic narrow city streets.

1848 California Gold Rush: population of San Francisco increases from 1,000 to 25,000 within 2 years, as prospectors arrive looking for gold.

1846 Yerba Buena becomes part of the USA during the Mexican-American War and is soon renamed San Francisco.

1835 William Richardson and Francisco de Haro lay out a street plan for an expanded settlement called Yerba Buena.

1821 Independence from Spain – area becomes part of Mexico.

1769 Spanish adventurer Portolá claims the San Francisco area for Spain as part of “Nueva España”. Local Yelamu tribe not consulted.

1579 Sir Francis Drake lands on the West Coast of North America, claiming it for Queen Elizabeth I as “New Albion”. Local Yelamu tribe not consulted.

3,000BC First evidence of native tribes around the San Francisco Bay. 
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