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2009 Berlin’s Berghain named the world’s best nightclub by DJ Magazine

2006 Berlin Zoo resident Knut the polar bear (2006-2011) becomes an international sensation. Italy wins the FIFA World Cup final at the Olympic Stadium after football genius Zinedine Zidane is sent off for head-butting an opponent... his last act as a professional footballer.

1999 The German government moves back from Bonn to Berlin, where the renovated Reichstag awaits with its huge glass dome on top

1991 Berlin becomes the capital of the newly-unified Germany and the party capital of Europe. Squats and artists’ communities spring up in abandoned buildings.

1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall. Hundreds of thousands take to the streets on both sides to celebrate.

1976 David Bowie moves to Berlin, sharing a flat with Iggy Pop. The artists are attracted by the burgeoning German music scene led by bands like Neu!, Tangerine Dream and Can.
1968 Large student protests in West Berlin

1963 John F. Kennedy gives one of his best speeches in West Berlin with his famous morale boosting quote “Ich bin ein Berliner”

1961 Construction of the Berlin Wall splits the city in half. A tense tank standoff at Checkpoint Charlie frays nerves in Washington and Moscow.

1953 East German workers in Berlin go on strike; Moscow sends in tanks to oppress the demonstration.

1948 Berlin blockade and Berlin airlift – Russia blockades West Berlin but supplies are delivered by air.

1945 Berlin left in ruins after Russian troops overrun the city and end the Second World War in Europe. The city is divided into 4 zones: American, British, French and Russian, becoming the capital of East Germany.

1936 Berlin summer Olympics. The Olympic Stadium is now home to Hertha BSC football club.

1935 Nuremburg laws passed, officially restricting the rights of Jews. Many Jews leave Berlin.

1933 Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor and the Reichstag burns in mysterious circumstances. Along with architect Albert Speer, he plans to turn Berlin into Germania: the capital of the world.

1922 The local railway is electrified and becomes the S Bahn

1920 Berlin expands and the population reaches 4 million. The city develops a reputation for creativity and decadence.

1918 After the First World War ends, Wilhelm II abdicates and the Weimar Republic is declared.

1884 Building work starts on the Reichstag parliament building

1871 Berlin becomes capital of the new German Empire after Germany unifies

1810 Berlin University (now Humboldt University) is founded

1806 French troops march into Berlin and the city is granted self-government

1788 Construction of the current, iconic Brandenburg Gate begins

1701 Frederick I crowned, builds Charlottenburg castle in the west of the city and makes Berlin the capital of Prussia

1671 The emperor invites wealthy Jewish families from Austria and French Calvinist Huguenots to establish themselves in Berlin, following Frederick’s policy to promote religious tolerance and immigration.

1647 The boulevard Unter den Linden with six rows of trees was laid down between Tiergarten park and the Palace.

1415 Frederick I becomes the elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg – his family rules Berlin until 1918

1307 The Wendish villages of Berlin and Kölln (nowadays Neukölln) merge

1244 The village of Berlin is founded on the banks of the river Spree

983 Slavs overthrow Germanic rule and the area remains pagan for the next 150 years

948 Emperor Otto I the Great takes control of the area for the Germans

720 Two Slavic tribes settle in the area which is now Berlin and, 30 years later found Spandow on the River Havel
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