Testimonials: International House - Dilit, Rome

Irina Garreta
Irina Garreta
DILIT International House, Roma
Duration: 4 weeks

I decided to spend this February in Rome and there was no better way to make the most of my time there than enrolling in an Italian course.

I chose ESL because I had already travelled to Melbourne with them and was really happy with how they’d treated me. My stay in Rome was magnificent!

As days went by, I changed groups so I was always in a class with a similar level to mine. Out of the 3 teachers I had, my favourite was Susanna Andrei because, apart from being an excellent teacher, she loves her job and passes on her passion for the Italian language with her kindness.

Rome is the perfect place to learn Italian. Being bilingual (Spanish/Catalan) made learning the language a lot easier and I wasn’t afraid to use it.

Rome is a magical city, full of colour and delicious food. Walking through its paved streets and discovering its hidden parts is a bliss that you one needs to experience in order to understand.

In Rome, I made good friends, had great experiences and learnt how to have a pretty fluent conversation in Italian. In short, it was an excellent experience.

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