Testimonials: IIC (Instituto Intercultural del Caribe), Santo Domingo

Winfried Kowollik
Winfried Kowollik
IIC, Santo Domingo
Duration: 5 weeks

I'm currently in Santo Domingo and the weather is beautiful, as you may imagine. Everyday, the sun shines, not like at home. I like it a lot here, the school is small and even has a family atmosphere to it. The staff is very dedicated, the women at the reception desk give us updates on the local cultural events and tell us about Merengue and Salsa – which are very important in the life of Santa Domingo residents. During breaks, we receive coffee & biscuits or giant exotic fruit baskets. My host family is also very friendly, the food is excellent and I have nothing to complain about. Everything is for the best. I would like to thank the helpful Munich team for organising my stay perfectly.

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