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2026 Gaudí’s Sagrada Família completed… if everything goes to plan

2000 Thirteen year old Lionel Messi moves to Barcelona when FC Barcelona offers to pay for his growth hormone therapy

1992 Summer Olympic Games put Barcelona on the world stage – harbour area regenerated

1975 Death of Franco leads to democracy in Spain and greater regional independence for Catalonia

1957 Camp Nou stadium completed (336% over budget)

1939 After being run by Anarchists and then Communists during the Spanish Civil War, the city falls to the Nationalists of Franco – public use of Catalan is soon banned

1926 FC Barcelona becomes a professional football team, Antoni Gaudí run over by a tram (incidents unrelated)

1924 The metro opens - it remains the best way to get around town

1906 Catalan newssheets suppressed, Solidaritat Catalana founded

1899 FC Barcelona founded by Hans Kamper, a Swiss man who had earlier founded FC Zürich and FC Basel (hence why Basel and Barça have similar shirts)

1895 The Ruiz-Picasso family arrive in Barcelona; Picasso leaves for Paris in 1904 but always maintains a strong bond with Barcelona

1882 Work begins on the Sagrada Família

1854 Approval is given for the demolition of Barcelona’s ancient city walls

1487 Spanish Inquisition comes to town

1450 Founding of the University of Barcelona

1025 Ramon Berenguer I grants a charter to Barcelona.

801 The Franks take Barsiluna (Barcelona) from the Moors

717 The city is conquered by the Moors and the cathedral is converted into a mosque

14 BC Barcino founded by the Romans

3rd Century BC According to legend, the city is founded by Hercules
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