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ESL advantages

ESL advantages

Free and personalised advice

A language study stay must be well-organised and must precisely meet your expectations, your objectives and your personal wishes. For this reason, the advice of professionals may be decisive. Do not hesitate to call us for telephone advice or to make an appointment in order to come to discuss your project. We make additional documentation available to you, we explain the differences between the schools which interest you, we answer all of your questions and we calculate the prices of the options you have chosen. Please note: these appointments are free and imply no obligation on your behalf.

Possibility to pay in foreign currency

As we exclusively propose the original prices of our partners, we offer you the possibility to pay in foreign currency. Otherwise, we invoice in swiss francs (or in euro), according to the current exchange rate.

Personalised price offers in CHF or in Euros

In order to give you a precise idea of the cost your language study stay represents and in order to give you the opportunity to compare different destinations, we send you free personalised and detailed price offers in CHF or in euros. In this way, you will be able to think things over at home, at your leisure, whilst having all the necessary elements at hand to make your decision.

Booking your accommodation (various options)

ESL offers you a multitude of accommodation options, including the best host families, selected with care and benefitting from regular inspections, student residences or shared apartments. Acoding to the destinations, you will have the choice between solutions going from the comfort of a hotel to the freedom of a studio. Something for all tastes and all budgets.

Travel organization

ESL - Study Abroad works with the main airlines and can make a booking for you for anywhere in the world at competitive prices. Please do no hesitate to ask us for a free price quote. If you mention it on your enrolment form, we will send you a quote for a good value flight, for information purposes only.

Documents for obtaining a visa

Do I need a visa? What is the procedure? Where must I make the visa request? ESL will guide you during your administrative steps and will provide you will the documents necessary for obtaining your visa.

Free evaluation of your language level

The basic academic service we propose consists of integrating a class which corresponds to the level of language knowledge of each participant. This is vital in order to feel at ease and to progress in a consistent manner. It is also what will make the course effective and interesting. Consequently, all of the schools offer an evaluation test during the first day. ESL also proposes this service during a consultancy interview, if you so wish. It is very useful when you wish to take a certificate preparation course for which it is necessary to have a specified minimum level.

Free flights & special offers

Thanks to the professional relationships we maintain within the travel industry, we regularly offer free flights to some locations. At any time of the year, book a 12-, 24- or 36-week language course in a number of destinations in Europe and the USA, and get free return flights offered by ESL. New special offers are added to our website throughout the year so visit regularly and contact us to find out more.

Free exam cancellation insurance

Ideally and for practical reasons, it is necessary to enrol for a language study stay in advance (flight, visa, accommodation). Numerous students find themselves held up, whilst awaiting exam results, in carrying out the steps in time. Conscious of this situation, we offer a cancellation insurance free of charge which allows you to put your plans in place without worrying about the consequences in case of failure. In other words, you can enrol without risk for a language study stay and if, unfortunately, you are no longer in a position to travel abroad because of your studies (failure of exams), we retain no fees.

Family / group savings

ESL offers you a special discount for each participant ! To benefit from this offer, you don't have to book the same accommodation or even the same destination / school, you just need to make the bookings at the same time and to ask for the discount at the time of registration.
  • from 3 to 5 weeks: CHF 50 / EUR 40
  • from 6 to 8 weeks: CHF 75 / EUR 60
  • from 9 to 12 weeks: CHF 100 / EUR 80
  • from 13 to 23 weeks: CHF 150 / EUR 120
  • more than 24 weeks: CHF 200 / EUR 160
We also offer the above reductions for groups of three or more. For groups of 10 students or more, we offer language courses at very competitive rates.
Please contact us for more information.


  1. Star Agency Europe

    ESL – Language studies abroad won Star Agency Western Europe for the fourth time at the 2015 ST Star Awards. 


    If you find our programmes cheaper with another language travel agency, you will be refunded 100% of the price difference.


    We offer you free and personal advice before, during and after your language course abroad.


    In 2014, 97% of our students would recommend ESL – Language studies abroad to their friends and relatives. 


    ESL – Language studies abroad is accredited by quality control bodies in the tourism and education industries.  


Test your language level in a few minutes.


I’m Rocío and I travelled to Liverpool this July. At first, I started by looking for information about the different agencies, asking for quotes, reading about the different cities, etc. Then, after a lot of research, I chose ESL – a great choice, for sure! As soon as I can, I will repeat the experience, but I want to stay longer next time, as I was only there for 2 weeks, which passed really quickly.

At the beginning, everything is new: the family, the city… and you wonder how it’s going to go. However, as days go by, you start meeting people and even make a group of friends.

I’m really glad I had an experience like this one. I’d like to thank ESL, the family and the school for making it so easy and for being so kind. I recommend this experience to all the brave ones out there who want to see something different, discover new places and learn at the same time.

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I definitely made the right choice when I decided to study at Wimbledon School of English for a month. ESL gave me all the information I needed to in order to organise a tailor-made programme. In my case, my goal was to get the CAE certificate and attend 4 weeks of intensive course before sitting the test.

The teachers and the rest of the staff at the school were always ready to help out if you have questions of any kind. The level and the pace of the classes were high, but the teaching was dynamic, which made them more enjoyable. Besides the courses, the school offered a large variety of cultural and social activities, creating a very good atmosphere. It was a very enriching experience and was absolutely worth it.

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I couldn’t be more grateful to ESL for treating me so well. They provided a fast and efficient service, managing to adapt the programme to my personal needs in a record time… 3 weeks after contacting them, I was traveling to Boston. It was the best choice ever! Boston has a great student atmosphere, as two of its universities – Harvard and MIT – are amongst the most prestigious in the world. It’s easy to move around the city, which has one of the oldest downtowns in the US. I lived on campus, where there were tons of activities every day to help students know each other. I felt at home from the very fist day; everyone was really friendly and made you feel like you belonged. I made great friends from different countries, which really enriched my stay. Good memories!

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