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We are proud to propose options which are adapted to each age bracket, in various destinations and for the duration of your choice.
ESL - Our programmes

"Young teens" summer camp - 100% discovery!

Offered in Canterbury, Toronto, Leysin and St. Julians, summer camps offer a favourable environment to awaken interest in foreign languages and to create friendship linkes between children from various countries. The summer camps of our partner schools combine the study of the language, especially designed for the intention of young people from 8 years upwards, and a large number of activities, leisure activities and excursions which take place outside of class hours and during the weekends. The young students are accommodated with the supervision staff of the school, who take care of them on a 24-hour basis.
- Malta: Summer camp, St. Paul's Bay, Salina Bay
- England: Canterbury, Ardingly, Keele, Portsmouth, Berkshire, Brighton, Manchester, Hampshire
- Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
- USA: Los Angeles, San Francisco
- Switzerland: Leysin (French), Leysin (English), Engelberg (German), Engelberg (English)
- Germany: Berlin Werbellinsee, Lahntal
- Belgium: Spa (French), Spa (English) , Ferrières (French), Ferrières (English)
ESL - Our programmes

"Teenagers" programme - 100% adventure!

This is your chance to develop your language skills and your ability to live in an international context. You can choose to stay with a host family or in a residence. In both cases, you will share the accommodation with other participants. After classes, numerous activities are organised. So, go on, get ready!
- Malta: Salina Bay, St Paul's Bay
- England: Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury, London, Bath, Keele, Portsmouth, Berkshire, Ardingly, Manchester, Cheltenham, Warminster, Torbay, Hampshire and Oxford
- Ireland & Northern Ireland: Dublin, Galway and "Adventure Ireland"
- Scotland: Edinburgh
- Australia: Noosa
- United States: New York, New Haven, Los Angeles (UCLA and Malibu), Santa Barbara (USCB), Boca Raton (Florida) and San Francisco Bay
- Canada: Toronto, VancouverMontreal (English) and Montreal (French)
- German-speaking Switzerland: Engelberg (German), Engelberg (English)
- Germany: Freiburg, Lindenberg, Lahntal and Berlin (Werbellinsee and Wannsee)
- Austria: Vienna
- France: Paris, Nice, Antibes and Biarritz
- French-speaking Switzerland: Leysin (French), Leysin (English) and Montreux
- Belgium: Spa (French), Spa (English), Ferrières (French), Ferrières (English)
- Spain: San Sebastian, Málaga, Tarragona and Salamanca
- Italy: Lignano
- Italian-speaking Switzerland: Ascona (Italian), Ascona (English)
ESL - Our programmes

Spring and autumn programmes - a study holiday!

In order to develop your language skills during the school year, you can take a language course during the spring or autumn holidays. Of course, this will also give you an opportunity to have fun and take part in numerous activities while making new friends.
Spring :
- Malta : St Julian’s, St Paul's Bay
- England : Torbay 
- Australia : Noosa
- Spain : Malaga
- Germany: LindenbergFreiburg
- France: Antibes

Autumn :
- Malta : St Julian’s, St Paul's Bay
- England : Torbay
- Germany: LindenbergFreiburg
- France: Antibes
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Exam preparation

Our partner schools offer specific courses aimed at preparing students for official language exams. Teachers are highly familiar with the format of each exam and offer targeted lessons that help young students develop specialised techniques to pass the exams with ease.
- England: Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, Hampshire and “At the teacher’s
- Ireland: “At the teacher’s
ESL - Our programmes

Do you want to master a language?

The academic semester or year is an extraordinary experience that gives you the time you need in order to improve your language skills and reach your goal of being fluent in different contexts. Studying a language abroad during several months will allow you to develop solid language skills and obtain an official language certificate, which will be a vital asset for your academic and professional future.
England: Eastbourne, London
Germany: Freiburg
Switzerland: Montreux
ESL - Our programmes

Intensive Summer Studies - Shakespeare or Goethe in the sun?

This summer, in England, in Ireland, in the USA, in Germany or in Switzerland, make the most out of your holidays in order to immerse yourself in language studies with an intensive course in excellent learning conditions.
- England: Ardingly, Eastbourne, Liverpool, LondonWarminster, OxfordPortsmouthKeele, Brighton and in the teacher's home
- Ireland: DublinGalway, in the teacher's home
- USA: Boca Raton
- Germany:BerlinFreiburg, Lahntal, Lindenberg
- Austria: Vienna 
- Switzerland: Engelberg (German), Engelberg (English), Ascona (Italian), Ascona (English), Leysin (French), Leysin (English), Leysin (French 8+), Leysin (English 8+) and Montreux
- France: Paris, Nice, Biarritz, Antibes
- Belgium: Ferrières, Spa
ESL - Our programmes

Course in the teacher's home - 100% total immersion!

Make the most out of a stay in total immersion and live under the same roof as your private teacher for the duration of your stay. You will benefit from a tailor-made programme, organised according to your needs and wishes, A stay in the teacher's home is also the opportunity to practise the language during all of the activities of everyday life, from first thing in the morning until last thing at night, and under the prudent advice of your appointed teacher.
ESL - Our programmes

"Young adults" programme - When juniors are no longer...juniors!

You're between 16 and 18 years old? You have some time off this summer? You want to benefit from some independence and have some free time to make the most out of your holidays? Order our Adults brochure or visit our website in order to get to know all of the destinations. Between the various programmes and the varios cities and schoos...a thousand possibilities are open to you! Allow us to help you make your dream come true! You're hesitating? Our consultants are there to guide you in your choice.
Important: our 'Adults' programmes are aimed at young people of 16 years and upwards who have a certain maturity, who feel they are capable of travelling independently and who are ready to adapt to the country's lifestyle. Please also note that, contrary to the "juniors" programmes, the activities proposed after classes are optional and, even if the school helps you in your plans for outings or excursions, it is necessary to know how to manage your free time yourself.



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Louise Dornier, France
Louise Dornier, France

I choose Oxford because last year I went to Canterbury and for this summer I wanted to go in a summer camp with older people. In class, we learned the past perfect, modal verbs, present perfect, present simple, present continuous, history about King Arthur and Buckingham. The excursion in Bath was interesting, Portsmouth was very cool because of the sun and the big tower. The Laser Quest was funny, too. I will remember the really good friends I met from Germany, Italy, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia. People are very friendly with each other! Nobody was shy, all wanted to speak English and meet new friends. I liked the excursions, the school had very interesting games. It’s a good city centre with friendly people and the site was comfortable and clean.

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Clara Disaro, France
Clara Disaro, France

“I didn’t want to go to a big city like London, so Canterbury suited me very well. The benefit of learning English in England is improving my pronunciation! I loved exploring cool cities that I’ve never been to before, like Oxford. My favourite activities were the Karaoke night, because it was funny, and the disco, of course! My new friends came from Germany, Spain, Italy and France and I really hope that I will stay in contact with them when we go back home! I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family as it is well organised and I’ve really enjoyed my time here. My advice to my friends who are thinking about coming here is to not always stay with people from your country, and to have friends who finish on the same day, as it’s so sad when we have to say goodbye before my time is up at Canterbury!”

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Laura Gillard, Belgium
Laura Gillard, Belgium

My trip to NY was really unbelievable! The campus (Queens) was really beautiful, we lived in a TV series! I had extraordinary encounters with students of many different nationalities. The understanding with Amy, the director and staff of the school was awesome! I thank ESL for the two best weeks of my life.

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