50 Plus, Practical information
50 Plus

Practical information

Language courses for seniors: Practical information

ELVIA travel insurance (Switzerland)
This insurance covers cancellation fees and guarantees medical care throughout your stay. For longer trips of 6 months or more, we recommend the annual insurance. If you already have travel insurance, please inform us when booking.

GLOBE PARTNER (travel) health insurance (European Union)
For European Union residents, we recommend "GLOBE PARTNER" medical coverage. This insurance covers medical expenses, medical care and private and personal liability in the case of accidents. Contact us for more information.
Within Europe, visas are not usually necessary for European citizens, but different rules apply elsewhere. We will let you know if a visa is necessary for your chosen destination. The visa request and fees are at your expense. For language study stays of more than 3 months, a visa is generally required. 
Flights and trains
We can book your flights or trains at a very competitive price. We will make you an offer quickly and without obligation.
Whichever destination you choose, we can organise an airport or railway station transfer to your accommodation. This option can be a nice way to arrive, especially after a long journey. Of course, you can also get to your accommodation independently by taxi, train or bus. These independent solutions are generally less expensive than the transfers organised by our partner schools. The prices indicated on our website are calculated on the basis of a one-way journey.
First day
When you arrive at the school, you will sit a test to evaluate your language level, so that our partner school may place you in a corresponding class. You will also receive useful information regarding the building, your classes and the activities programme, before visiting the school premises in the company of a member of the school. And then it’s time to join your class! 
Language level
For the Club 50 programme, the majority of schools do not accept absolute beginners, so you should have at least the very basics of the language. Once you are there, you will join a class which corresponds to your language level, which will allow you to easily participate in the classes and make fast progress.
Local and national holidays
There is no teaching on national holidays. The lessons missed are sometimes made up by our partner schools; if this is not the case, they are not refunded. 
50+ class / nationalities
As much as possible, our partner schools form classes with the participants in the Club 50 programme, but sometimes the classes will have a wider variety of ages. This ensures that everyone in the group has a similar language level, which makes the teaching more appropriate. The classes are also structured to ensure a wide range of nationalities. In all cases, the afternoons and weekends are reserved for activities and visits included in the programme and exclusively reserved for participants in Club 50+. 
Course materials are generally included in the price. Additional books may also be bought through the school. You should consider bringing a dictionary or installing a dictionary app on your phone.
At the end of the programme, the school will present you with a certificate to confirm your language level, where you studied and the duration of your language course.
The Club 50 programmes take place 2 to 4 times per year for each destination, on fixed dates. The courses typically last two weeks. If you wish to study longer or on other dates, check out our range of courses for adults. Our team are here to help you find the perfect programme.