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Language studies abroad for 50 years and over

Language studies abroad for 50 years and over

Our « 50 + » programmes propose language studies abroad for people of 50 years and upwards who wish to learn or improve a language. A subtle mix of travel, learning and pleasure, our programmes are targeted at the discovery of the local culture. Classes are given in the morning, whilst the afternoon and evening are dedicated to activities and excursions, in order to explore the attractions of the country of the stay. The course programme offers a good range of destinations across the world and allows the participants to meet people of the same age and who have the same interests.

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I really enjoyed my stay in Japan. The family was great, a couple of friendly pensioners who were always in a good mood. They also hosted an American student, who was very friendly too. However, the distance to the school was quite long, I found: there was a 30-minute metro journey and then I had to walk for 10 minutes to reach the school. I liked the school but the classes were a bit difficult for me since I had no prior knowledge of Japanese, so I would recommend future students to learn some bases before they arrive. The teachers took care of the whole class and went out of their way to help us. There weren’t many students, but the atmosphere was great. Although well located in town, the school isn’t easy to find, so new students, including me, easily get lost in the first days. The city of Kobe is a very pleasant town and a fairly quiet one compared to other Japanese cities. The locals are warmer, ready to help you if you need it (to find your way, for example). The city is not overcrowded and there’s always space in the metro. Kobe is located between the mountains and the sea, so it offers activities for every taste. Kyoto and Osaka are not far away, with many things to do and see as well. Many Japanese festivals take place during the summer. Still, there was one negative point, the return: there was no escort service to the airport and I went to the wrong airport; I only just caught my flight.

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My stay in Galway was great, you can meet a lot of people from different countries. The school is modern and friendly. The city is cool and you can do a lot of activities. The school is also quite modern and the staff is nice.

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I spent 3 months at a language school in Cairns in 2013 before coming to Perth. I went to Cairns as it was a small town and I didn’t want to be in a crowded city such as Sydney or Melbourne.

I chose Perth for three reasons;: First, as a nature lover, I came back to Australia for the wildlife. Australia has amazing diversity of animals such as snakes, lizards and of course kangaroos!

Then, obviously because of the climate, which is perfect here in Australia, even in winter I can wear shorts and t-shirts in the middle of the day. Finally I wanted again a quiet place to study, so I chose Perth (the city isn’t very big).

I didn’t need a Cambridge certificate, I just decided to do the course as a big challenge to myself. The structure of the course was well organised and the book that we studied from every day provided great content. There was a good balance between theory and practical exercises. When I arrived, I was more at an FCE level but I am delighted I chose CAE as it pushed me a lot to achieve a higher level in English.

The best things about Lexis was the teachers! I was always so happy and confident with the teachers and their teaching techniques. They are all so caring and had so much time and care for their students.

Regarding accommodation, I started in a homestay but then I found an Air B&B to move to. I have really enjoyed the experience of living with an Aussie family.

When I finish at Lexis, I’m going for a 4 week drive from Perth to Darwin. Two of my friends and I are renting a car to drive up the coast. I am then spending 2 weeks in New Zealand and 1 month in Japan. I’m going to study Japanese next year in Japan. I really wanted to study at Lexis but I will be living in Osaka so it was a little bit too far to commute each day.

I would definitely recommend LEXIS to other people. The teaching quality is very high. The organisation within the school is great and the teachers are very involved with their students' learning. In addition, the location of the school is fantastic; it’s great to be close to the stunning beaches such as Scarborough Beach. It is a calm and safe place to study at.

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