Testimonials: Enforex, Salamanca

Alice C.
Alice C.
Enforex, Salamanca + Sprott Shaw Language College, Vancouver
Duration: 18 weeks + 18 weeks

After finishing my studies, I decided to spend a year abroad to have some time for myself, broaden my horizons and meet new people. I chose to study English and Spanish: two languages, two cultures, two completely different worlds. After much hesitation, I chose two cities: Vancouver (Canada) and Salamanca (Spain), and I was very happy with my choice! My big crush was Canada, with its incredible landscapes, smiley inhabitants and its wild side. I would go to school by skytrain, do my homework at the beach in front of the ocean, eat sushi and meet racoons and squirrels on my way home… Vancouver is an incredible city, where nature is always present and the population is welcoming and multicultural. At my school (SSLC), I got a certificate that allows me to teach English to foreigners, so I taught some classes in the school where I was a student.

There are many tour operators that offer trips to the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island or even Seattle, so you can travel pretty easily and meet students from other schools.

In Salamanca, I lived at the Spanish rhythm: dinner at 9:30pm, closed shops in the afternoon for the “siesta”, lively nightlife and, most of all, sun all the time! The city is small and looks like a village; you can walk everywhere. The architecture is beautiful, made of yellow, carved stone. And storks make their nests literally everywhere! My school (Enforex) was great, the teachers were very good and the building was beautiful – it’s an old monastery.

I can only recommend this experience; it’s very enriching! You’ll discover a new country and lifestyle, and you’ll meet students from all over the world! I met many people from Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands and Spain.

ESL was a great partner, always present and helpful. They carefully replied to all my questions and helped me when I had a problem with my host family in Canada. I highly recommend Vancouver, as all the students who studied there once wanted only one thing: to go back!

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