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In our globalised world, many corporations require employees to master two or more languages and be proficient in their specific areas. Are you looking to grow your career opportunities? Do you need extra skills in your current job? A course abroad is definitely a fast ticket to success!

Language courses for professionals

We’re proud to partner with first-class language schools offering a wide range of courses. Whatever your age, goals and level, we have a course for you!

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Higher Education and Diplomas

Thinking about taking some time off to study abroad, improve your English language skills, and gaining a world-class qualification that will help you earn a higher salary in your future career? 

Add an international element to your studies and make yourself shine above all other candidates in the job market by taking your higher education abroad in English. Upskilling is one of the best things you can do while travelling. Experiencing life in a new country is one of the most exciting adventures you can have and coming home with new knowledge gives you a very competitive advantage. Unlock your professional potential with ESL!

As the world becomes more connected, an increasing number of industries are looking for internationally minded professionals with strong language skills. We offer a wide range of academic options to add to your travel programme, depending on your needs. If you’re looking for credits during your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, or whether you would simply like to gain new professional skills, this is a step in the right direction.

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Our higher education and professional diploma courses will provide you with university-level tuition in your subject of interest while you experience your gap year abroad and establish your international career. 

No matter what industry you’re in, higher education and diplomas are almost guaranteed to increase your salary, and when you study that degree abroad, the difference is even greater! The international exposure you experience, the new connections you make, the unparalleled language progression you’ll have — all of it translates to a higher-paying job for you.

Combine an amazing travel experience with high quality education for an adventure that jumpstarts your career!

ESL offers a wide range of options in different countries to suit your preference. Whether you would like an adventure to the other side of the world by taking your higher education in Australia or Canada or have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Europe — the choice is yours!

Our students often ask:

What kind of job opportunities can ESL help me find?

ESL can assist you with finding an unpaid internship or volunteer work, starting after you’ve finished your language course. We’ll match you to an internship or volunteering opportunity that fits your skills, language level, and interests, where you’ll have the chance to put your language skills to use and learn about work culture in a new country.

How advanced should my language skills be for a professional language course?

Our business language courses are offered at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and we can help you find the right group for your level. If you are unsure which language level you are currently at, you can also take a language placement test with us.

What other skills will I develop on a professional language course?

As well as testing you in the four main language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), on a business language course, you will explore additional soft skills specific to professional life. For example, you’ll learn how to communicate in a business context, and deal with additional skills in your chosen language such as correspondence, technical vocabulary, and industry-specific concepts.

Do you have further questions about studying abroad with ESL?

Why choose your next journey with ESL

ESL icon five stars school
ESL icon five stars school
Top-rated and award-winning agency

Our free and personalised services are consistently top-rated on Google, and 97% of our clients recommend us to their friends and relatives. In addition, ESL is a Lifetime Award winner after being voted Best Agency in Europe 5 times at the ST Star Awards.  

ESL icon reduced price
ESL icon reduced price
Best price guarantee

Get the price difference refunded if you find a better deal for the same programme with another agency or directly with the school.
Free counselling and A-Z services

Our teams are experts in language travel and their experience in the industry is both professional and personal. Our free and personalised services go beyond the pre-departure stage – our counsellors will be at your disposal before, during and after your stay. 

ESL icon people in sheild
ESL icon people in sheild
Quality control

We select partner language schools according to strict criteria – high-quality facilities, small class sizes at a range of levels, great location, first-class teaching and an exciting activities programme, among other aspects. We regularly visit partner schools as it is very important for us to maintain a strong relationship with our partners and to keep up with local developments.   

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ESL icon thumbs up
Thousands of student reviews

We systematically gather opinions and reviews from thousands of students who chose ESL to go abroad. All reviews are thoroughly checked to ensure authenticity and are added to our school pages so as to provide future students with first-hand details and facts.  

ESL icon house
ESL icon house
A wide range of quality accommodation options

Our portfolio also includes a large variety of accommodation types, so we can offer each one of our students the most suitable option. From homestays and student residences to private and shared apartments, all our accommodation types are carefully selected for a comfortable and convenient experience abroad.   

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