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Learn Spanish in Spain

If you want to learn Spanish, a course abroad in Spain is a fantastic place to get closer to the language and progress quickly as you practise - all while under that famous Spanish sun! Spain is our most popular destination for Spanish learners, and it’s easy to see why. Learn Spanish in Spain and you’ll immediately fall in love with its rich, varied cultures and laid-back lifestyle. At ESL,  we’ve been offering students the chance to create their ideal Spanish course in Spain for over 20 years now, offering them first-hand experience of the world’s rising language!

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Frequently asked questions about Spanish courses in Spain

Why learn Spanish in Spain?

Learning a language is a rich, fulfilling experience, and even more so when you immerse yourself in the country where the language is spoken. Hearing Spanish all around you, practising your reading and listening skills daily, and having the chance to speak to friendly locals is a unique opportunity to progress rapidly as you take a Spanish course in Spain. On top of all this, you’ll experience Spanish culture first-hand, and explore a diverse nation famed across Europe for its passionate people and unique traditions.

Where can I study Spanish in Spain?

Spain is a diverse country, where you can explore many different cultures and regions all under the umbrella of one language which links them: Spanish. From the impressive, fun-loving south with Cordoba, Malaga and Seville, to the rugged shores of the north by San Sebastian, Spain is the ideal place to mix with the locals and dive straight into life with them. You’ll have ample opportunity to practise, whether you choose to be in Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid or Valencia! Wherever you want to learn Spanish in Spain, ESL has the ideal course for you.

The advantages of a Spanish course in Spain with ESL

At ESL, we’re committed to quality, and want you to feel the same passion for languages which motivates us. Our courses offer:

  • Dynamic, first-class teaching through our extensive network of partner schools
  • A wide range of choice: whether you want to go intensive, take an exam, or study as a hobby, we have the ideal course for you and your needs
  • Free, personalised advice throughout your learning journey
  • The chance to experience a language and a culture up close
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