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There’s no denying that Korean has simply exploded onto the scene in the 21st century, attracting hundreds of thousands of new learners every year. This once little-spoken language is now a global phenomenon, sweeping the continents at an incredible pace thanks to South Korea’s amazing economic and cultural boom. At ESL, we love discovering new countries and languages, and were one of the first language travel companies to offer our students the opportunity to learn Korean in Korea, surrounded by a language and culture that is globally going from strength to strength.

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Frequently asked questions about Korean courses in Korea

Why learn Korean in Korea?

Thanks to South Korea’s development in the modern world, it’s an exciting time to learn Korean and have the chance to explore the country that triggered the Korean Wave. With Korean businesses expanding across the globe, Korean is fast becoming an important asset for the future, and its vast difference to European languages means you won’t simply be learning a new language, but a new outlook on life as you discover the influence of culture on the Korean language.

Where can I learn Korean in Korea?

South Korea is home to some of the most electric, dynamic cities on the planet, and our Korean courses in Seoul and Busan give you the opportunity to experience the non-stop nature of Korean cities first-hand. Seoul is an expanding metropolis bursting with life. Busan, on the other hand, is a seaside city on South Korea’s southern coast, where you can explore another side of South Korea and really mix with local people who will take great pride in helping you learn more about their culture and lifestyle.

Why choose ESL to do a Korean course in South Korea?

At ESL we are passionate about languages and the unique experience that learning one offers our students. We want to offer you the chance to explore new parts of the world while helping you reach your full potential and learn new language skills. This means that we take great care in selecting our partner schools, and we maintain a close relationship with them to ensure you receive the highest quality teaching. Your Korean course in Korea will offer you the chance to learn from the experts, making learning accessible and providing you with all the tools you need to excel in the language. Explore a new culture and discover South Korea with us!

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