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Learn Italian abroad

Italian is a beautiful, historic language, with an incredible cultural appeal - and it is still one of the most popular choices when it comes to studying a new language. Why so? Learning Italian is an adventure, and the key to really discovering the nation behind some of the most iconic cities in the world, and a cultural history spanning centuries. If learning Italian is your mission, we’re here to help you achieve your goals! Thanks to our knowledge and many years of experience, ESL’s Italian study abroad programmes are a fantastic way to explore a new language and culture. 

Our Italian language destinations

Italian courses abroad

We’re proud to partner with first-class language schools offering a wide range of courses. Whatever your age, goals and level, we have a course for you!

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General courses

It’s a fact: there’s no more efficient way to learn a language than using it and being exposed to it in different contexts every day over a length of time. This is precisely what our general courses offer you – the opportunity to receive outstanding language lessons as well as endless opportunities to put your new skills into practice. And that’s how you cement knowledge!

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Summer Camps

Every summer, young learners face a decision: Will they study in preparation for school, or will they go on a holiday and enjoy their freedom? Through our summer language courses, they can do both!

During a summer camp with ESL, students will travel to one of our gorgeous locations to learn a language of their choice in a safe and stimulating environment, full of other young learners from around the world.

Students will spend their mornings learning their language through immersive daily lessons and their afternoons and weekends making friends, playing sports, and exploring their surroundings on fun, supervised excursions. 

This is your chance to turn your language course into a language holiday!

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Course Plus

Our Plus courses offer the opportunity to balance language classes with the regular practice of a sport or a specific activity included in the program. Thanks to our cultural extras, including cooking, music, dance, filmmaking, sustainable development and yoga, among others, you can combine language learning with an authentic cultural experience.

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Business Language

Speaking a foreign language – or several – will advance your professional career in more ways than one. Aside from providing you with an added value that will make your CV stand out to employers, you will maximise your job-seeking possibilities by being able to work in different countries and through different languages.

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Private language courses

For some people, a language course in a group may not be the best option for learning a language. We have a solution that offers personalised tuition in a unique setting: immersion language courses in a one-on-one environment. This course type matches learners with an experienced language teacher in the country of their choice. The result? A personalised learning experience that delivers the fastest possible language progress.

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Work & Study

These programs combine a general language course with an internship, a paid job or a volunteering program. Putting your language skills to the test in a real-world situation is priceless, and you’ll be amazed at how much your fluency improves as a result!

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Private courses

For some people, a traditional language school may not be the best option for learning a language. We have a solution that offers personalised tuition in a unique setting: immersion language courses in the teacher’s home. This service matches learners with an experienced language teacher in the country of their choice. The result? A personalised learning experience that delivers the fastest possible language progress.

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Courses for 50+

Learn a language together with people from your own generation. By studying in immersion, you’ll quickly develop language skills while experiencing a thrilling cultural exchange. Travelling is all about discovering and connecting with others, and our programs for students over 50 are the perfect combination of a smart vacation and exercising your mind!


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Blended Learning

More and more students are finding in blended learning the perfect approach towards their language learning. The reason is simple: doing an online course is a fantastic way to warm up before your departure so you’re extra prepared for the experience. Likewise, choosing to do an online course after your on-site studies will guarantee you keep up all of your newly-acquired skills!

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Courses for families

With our language courses for all members of the family, children can have fun with other kids from around the world while parents benefit from an active holiday immersed in a new culture.

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Frequently asked questions about studying Italian abroad

Why study Italian abroad?

An Italian course abroad is a unique opportunity to really get to know the culture and country behind the rich Italian language. By being completely immersed in the language day in, day out, you’ll hear it spoken around you, read it everywhere, and have the chance to practise with Italy’s famously friendly natives. The sense of pride you’ll feel from ordering from a real Italian menu is unbeatable, and your communication skills will grow as rapidly as your enjoyment while you learn Italian abroad. 

Why learn Italian abroad with ESL?

Languages are our passion, and we’ve been helping students to organise their ideal language journey abroad since 1996. We want to help you reach your full potential in addition to having an experience you’ll never forget, so we carefully select our partner schools and maintain a solid relationship with them to ensure you receive the highest quality Italian courses abroad. Wherever you want to go in Italy, be it RomeVeronaVenice, or Florence, our courses are available in multiple locations across the country to offer you the best range of choice we possibly can. 

If you’re learning Italian simply as a hobby, or if you want to give your CV that extra boost, you can be sure that ESL has the perfect course for you. Combine your course with cooking classes or music lessons for that extra personalised touch, choose an intensive course or study privately while you stay with a teacher in their very own home - our wide range of courses means you’ll be sure to find the language stay that’s perfect for you! 

How to evaluate your Italian level? 

If you wish to know your Italian level before enrolling in a language course abroad, you can take our free online Italian test. You will receive an immediate assessment of your Italian level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The final result will give you an idea of the areas where you are strongest and those where you should work on. Furthermore, it can be used to choose the right level for your Italian language course. 

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