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Private language courses

Private language lessons at your school or directly at the teacher’s house!

Private language courses

For some people, a language course in a group may not be the best option for learning a language. We have a solution that offers personalised tuition in a unique setting: immersion language courses in a one-on-one environment. This course type matches learners with an experienced language teacher in the country of their choice. The result? A personalised learning experience that delivers the fastest possible language progress.

Key information

Course duration:
1+ week
Minimum age:
16 (10 if including juniors)
Class size:
Entry level:
Beginner - Advanced
Why take a private course abroad?
  • Language immersion from first thing in the morning to last thing at night
  • Live, study and explore the destination with an authentic guide to local culture
  • Personalised tuition, tailored to your needs – the fastest way to achieve your goals
  • A worry-free stay: full board provided 

More about our private language courses

Our private courses at the teacher’s offer fast and flexible language learning and are perfect for:

  • Learners with little time who need fast, targeted progress, for example business learners or a student preparing an exam
  • People who do not thrive in a traditional classroom environment
  • Learners with a disability (some teachers specialise in students with a physical or learning disability)
  • Anyone seeking the most authentic and complete cultural immersion

We offer courses both in the teacher’s home and with our dedicated school partners in a huge variety of cities and towns around the world. This offers you an authentic experience of local life, not the traditional “tourist trail”, although your teacher will also be an excellent guide to the famous local sites. With years of experience in language travel, we can help you find the destination that best suits your goals, as well as your budget.

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Want to hear more about what we can do for you? Reach out to us for more information, you’ll be under no obligation to book! If you’d rather read more about our courses and destinations, don’t hesitate to ask for your free brochure.

Frequently asked questions about private language courses abroad

Where will I stay during my private language course?

During your language course, your accommodation options will depend largely on the destination you choose. Your options can range from the unique and immersive experience of living with a host family or in your teacher’s house, to the independence of living in a student residence. Make sure to speak to the ESL team and we will advise you of the best possible accommodation option for your programme!

How intensive is a private language course?

Private lessons can be tailored to your personal preference, choosing between 15, 20, 25, or 30 hours of classes per week, with each lesson lasting 60 minutes. The length of your stay is also customisable, so you can stay anywhere starting from one week on.

What’s the difference between private courses in the teacher’s house and private courses in a language school?

In both cases, you’ll be able to choose the intensity as well as the focus of the course, based on your objectives and needs. The main difference is that with the “at the teacher’s house” programme, you’ll be in total immersion in the daily life of your teacher who is also your host family. You will meet local people but not necessarily other language students.

When you take private courses in a language school, you will be able to gather with other international students during school breaks and take part to school’s activities. You can also combine your private courses with a group course if you wish. Lastly, while you will have the choice to live with a local host family, they won’t be your language teachers. 

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