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Want to learn French abroad? Find your ideal destination in Canada!

Learn French in Canada

Canada, as one of the world’s bilingual countries, is a fantastic place to experience many different cultures while learning authentic French and practising your newfound skills every single day. With its friendly cities, its European-chic feel, and wide, expansive mountains and countryside, Canada feels like several countries rolled into one, and you’ll never get tired of its people or its natural beauty. Learn French in Canada with ESL, where we’ve been helping students find their ideal French course for over 20 years: we’ll create the perfect language journey to suit your needs.

French study destinations in Canada

Frequently asked questions about French courses in Canada

Why learn French in Canada?

If you’re looking to learn a European language which is also spoken across the world, Canada is a fantastic choice, as you’ll see French from the global viewpoint, learning things about new cultures and new lifestyles in Canada’s bilingual cities. You’ll have the chance to mix with Canada’s friendly native speakers, who’ll go out of their way to make you feel welcome and settled. Canada is also a popular choice for those looking for employment overseas, with many internships, part-time jobs, and vocational opportunities available to combine with your French course in Canada!

Is Canadian French different to the French spoken in France?

Just like different varieties of English and Spanish around the world, Canadian French and ‘standard’ French have their own accents and differences. However, someone who speaks Canadian French will have no problem understanding someone from France, and vice versa. If you want to learn French, Canada is a great option, as you’ll experience a new part of the world and gain a global view of the language. Canada’s French-speaking cities of Montreal and Quebec make an ideal setting for you to learn French fast and explore like a local.

Why choose ESL for a French course in Canada?

We want to offer you the chance to explore new parts of the world while helping you reach your full language potential. At ESL, we want to offer our students new skills and let them experience the same passion that we feel when learning a new language. This means that we take great care in selecting our partner schools, and we maintain a close relationship with them to ensure you receive the highest quality courses available. Learning French in Canada will offer you the chance to learn from the experts, mix with new people and new cultures, gain all the tools you need to excel in French.

Which city should you choose?

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