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Want to stand out from the crowd? A Portuguese course abroad is your chance to do just that! Despite Portuguese being one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, it’s not as studied as some of its Romance family cousins, so learning this beautiful language is more than just a cultural experience - it’s a real asset for your future! Over 200 million people worldwide speak Portuguese…why not join them and learn Portuguese abroad for your next adventure? 

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Frequently asked questions about studying Portuguese abroad

Why learn Portuguese?

Portuguese, once a language of explorers, is now the fastest-growing European language after English, according to UNESCO. It’s already spoken across five continents and is expected to grow even further as an international language in the future. Learning Portuguese will allow to travel and explore the world, with Portuguese speakers in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and of course, Europe. As if that weren’t reason enough to start studying Portuguese, learning any of the Romance languages will make it easier for you to keep adding more and more of this beautiful language family to your CV! 

Why learn Portuguese abroad?

  • You’ll be surrounded by Portuguese at every moment, hearing it spoken in the streets, practising it with the locals as you explore, and reading it everywhere you go!
  • As you’ll be surrounded by the language, it will force you to practise, meaning you’ll progress much faster than you would back home.
  • A Portuguese course abroad will open your horizons, providing you not just with language experience, but practical skills which you can apply to new situations and to the working environment if necessary.
  • You’ll come home with unforgettable memories of a new culture and an amazing language stay!

What’s the difference between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese?

Luckily for those wanting to take a Portuguese course abroad, the differences between the two varieties of the language won’t be a setback at all! All varieties of Portuguese, including the Portuguese spoken in Africa and Asia, are mutually intelligible. That said, there are some differences in grammar, spelling, and how the language sounds when spoken. The variety you learn is all down to personal preference, but wherever you decide to learn Portuguese abroad, you’ll be able to converse with Portuguese-speaking people from all around the world!

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