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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) in China

The vast country of China, home to megacities, deserts, subtropical forests, and pagodas - and your next destination! If you want to learn in full immersion, and feel the history behind a truly incredible language, why not try a Chinese course in China? Once little explored, China is now shooting up in the world: this is your chance to live right in the centre of it all, from the bustling metropolises to the tranquil soaring mountains. Discover dynasty after dynasty and learn Chinese in China for a truly unique travel experience!

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Frequently asked questions about Chinese courses in China

Why learn Chinese in China?

  • It’s an incredible time to be learning Chinese - China’s current influence on the world is set to go from strength to strength, so getting ahead of the game and learning more about this vast nation will give you a huge advantage in your studies! 
  • Chinese is an asset to any CV, and with the Chinese diaspora touching every continent, your skills will be in huge demand wherever you go. 
  • A Chinese course in China will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the language and the many cultures that make up modern China - from delicious food to stunning scenery, you’ll never run out of new things to try!

Where can I learn Chinese in China?

China’s seemingly infinite borders boast a whole host of cities and towns where you can learn Chinese in full immersion. ESL carefully selects and works with partner schools who we believe offer the highest-quality courses, allowing students to learn in a dynamic and natural way. Our Chinese courses in China range from the megacities of Shanghai and Beijing. Explore our courses and see where ESL can take you in China!

Are ESL’s Chinese courses taught in Mandarin?

Our Chinese courses in China are currently provided for those who are looking to learn Mandarin Chinese. As the world’s most-spoken language by number of native speakers, Mandarin is generally the language most students wish to learn abroad with us at ESL. All of our partner schools are hand selected, and we work with them closely to ensure that our lessons in Mandarin are interesting, immersive, and dynamic.

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