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English Courses for Children and Teenagers Abroad: France

English is undoubtedly the world’s lingua franca and as such, learning to speak the language is no longer really a hobby – it’s a must for future global citizens. That doesn’t necessarily mean learning English has to be boring – our English summer camps in France offer an amazing combination of lively and dynamic lessons and exciting activities in an ideal setting very close to home!

English study destinations in France

Frequently asked questions about learning English in France

Why learn English in France?

Learning English in a non-English-speaking country may seem slightly strange… until you join one of ESL’s English summer camps in France. These programmes offer a truly immersive experience, as you’ll be surrounded by English on a daily basis – English is the only language used to communicate both with instructors and with other students from all over Europe, so by hearing it and using it every day, you’ll be sure to progress quickly over a short period of time!

What will I do on my junior English course in France?

ESL’s junior English courses in France take place in large, well-equipped campuses in calm settings not too far from exciting cities such as Paris! During your English course in France you’ll enjoy daily, fun and engaging lessons followed by plenty of after-hours activities where you’ll have the chance to explore new sites and hobbies with your new international friends. Learning while having numerous adventures is definitely on the cards!

Why choose ESL to learn English in France?

We began organising language camps for young learners back in 1996. Nearly 25 years later, we’re still at it! Our passion and expertise are now stronger than ever, as is our relationship with the leading language schools in Europe. This guarantees our students enjoy topnotch language experiences, not only in the classroom but also outside – from accommodation and choice of activities to travel arrangements, we have you covered. Our expert consultants will provide free, personalised advice before, during and after your English course in France!

Which city should you choose?

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