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Want to learn German abroad? Find your ideal destination in Switzerland!

Learn German in Switzerland

Learn German in Switzerland at the meeting point of Romance and Germanic Europe - a nation where different languages and cultures live in perfect harmony, blending together for a unique linguistic and travel experience! Nature and modern life go hand-in-hand in Switzerland, where global business meets dizzying Alpine heights and tranquil lakes. A German course in Switzerland with ESL will allow you to take in these stunning views while experiencing Swiss culture in full immersion.

German study destinations in Switzerland

Frequently asked questions about German courses in Switzerland

The advantages of a German course in Switzerland

  • You’ll have access to exceptional quality schools which represent the high Swiss standards of education.
  • You’ll practise German every single day, both during lessons and as you explore Switzerland, allowing you to experience full immersion.
  • You’ll discover a blend of cultures in close contact, and meet people from around the world who have travelled to learn German in Switzerland, too.
  • You’ll develop both your language and soft skills, improving your ability to navigate new situations and boosting your CV.

What will I do on my German course in Switzerland?

At ESL, we know that the best way to learn a language is by enjoying yourself, so we work with partner schools who offer a variety of classes and levels, meaning you can tailor your course to suit your needs. Whether you want to study for business or pleasure, we can help you find your ideal German course in Switzerland, where you’ll be welcomed with reduced-size classes, dynamic instructors, and supportive staff wherever you go. In addition to this, our partner schools offer activity programmes which will allow you to get out and discover Switzerland - the perfect blend of learning and adventure.

Why learn German in Switzerland with ESL?

We’re a Swiss-founded company with over 20 years of experience in the language travel sector, so we have a wealth of insider knowledge you can count on to organise your ideal language course abroad. We work closely with our Swiss partner schools to ensure our German courses in Switzerland are of the highest quality, and that you’ll be pushed to achieve your goals - no matter what they are! At ESL, we also provide you with free, personalised advice every step of the way as you organise your course with us, helping you to curate a language experience you’ll never forget!

Summer camps in Switzerland (German)

With gorgeous mountains and fields, alongside buzzing cities and charming towns – Switzerland is the ideal location for fun-loving German language students. Arts, tennis, mountain biking, and more! Check out our German summer camps.

Which city should you choose?

Let our experts help you decide - our advice is free & without obligation!