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English courses in Ireland & Northern Ireland

Ireland is becoming a firm favourite in the world of language travel, and it’s easy to see why. Learning English in Ireland is a chance to immerse yourself fully in the language while taking advantage of the friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and enjoying a rich culture first-hand. ESL has many years of experience in helping students find their ideal English course in Ireland, giving them the chance to experience one of Europe’s friendliest, most fun-loving nations.

English study destinations in Ireland & Northern Ireland

Frequently asked questions about learning English in Ireland

Why study English in Ireland?

  • An English course in Ireland or Northern Ireland is a fantastic opportunity to speak, read, and hear English all around you every day.
  • Both Ireland and Northern Ireland boast a rich culture you’ll love exploring more of, and the friendly locals are the ideal people to practise your newfound language skills with!
  • The island’s size makes it perfect for exploring, and you’ll love the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere as you get to know these beautiful, historic countries.

Where should I learn English in Ireland?

Ireland is an up-and-coming language stay destination, and there are now many English schools and courses available across the country. Study English in the fast-paced, lively capital Dublin, or head further out to the countryside to experience day-to-day Irish life, in Cork, Bray, or Galway. Northern Ireland is also a popular choice, and its capital Belfast is a small but welcoming city, where you’ll experience a different side of the United Kingdom and learn quickly as you hear English spoken all around you.

Is the English spoken in Ireland different?

Each and every English-speaking country speaks the language differently to a certain extent, but the grammar and vocabulary used in Ireland isn’t that different from the English taught in schools across Europe - British English. Sometimes different words are used, but learning a wider vocabulary and acquiring a more global view of English is an asset for any learner.

Gap years and summer camps in Ireland

Ireland’s love of fun (or “craic” as it’s locally known!) is legendary, and this couldn’t be more apparent than during a summer camp in the country. Check out our English summer camps in Ireland to show young students the time of their life!

If you’re enchanted by Ireland during your stay, you’re not alone! Plenty of students fall in love with this country and want to stay even longer. Luckily, through our gap year programme, you can! Explore the Emerald Isle at your own pace by checking out our gap year programmes in Ireland.

Which city should you choose?

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