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Want to learn French abroad? Find your ideal destination in France!

Learn French in France

If you want to learn French, heading straight to the country where it all began is a fantastic way to boost your skills! Learning French in France is an effective way to learn the language, while being completely absorbed in French culture and living an experience you’ll never forget. Since 1996, ESL has been helping students find their ideal language course, and our many years of experience mean you’ll be sure to find your ideal French course in France with us!

French study destinations in France

Frequently asked questions about French courses in France

Why learn French in France?

Learning French is a fantastic experience no matter where you are, but it’s true to say that it’s much more difficult if you’re not surrounded by French 24/7. At home, you need discipline, but in France, you won’t need to worry, as you’ll be hearing, reading, and speaking French every day of the week! What’s more, you’ll get to feel what day-to-day French life is really like, and explore the country with new eyes as a local.

Where can I study French in France?

ESL offers various courses around France in multiple locations, including Paris, LyonNice, Montpelier, and Toulouse. If you want to explore life outside the city and learn more about local people and their lifestyle, French courses are also available in smaller locations such as La Rochelle. With 13 different destinations available for you to learn French in France, you can really tailor your course to your needs and wishes.

Why take a French course in France with ESL?

  • Students have trusted ESL to help them arrange their ideal language stay abroad for over 20 years now, and our many years of experience mean we’re able to tailor the ideal language course to you and your needs.
  • We have a wide variety of choice available when it comes to learning French in France, and other language courses.
  • We carefully select our partner schools so you can be sure you’ll be receiving quality teaching. We want you to achieve your goals.
  • ESL offers free, personalised support at every step, along with competitive prices and special offers to guarantee you a memorable and enjoyable experience during your French course in France.
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