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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) in Taiwan

Learning Chinese abroad is your way to strike into the heart of international business and get the opportunity to communicate with the jaw-dropping 1 billion speakers of Chinese across the world. Learning Chinese in Taiwan will give you a unique experience of learning the language in a distinct culture while not forfeiting your comfort or lifestyle. Taiwan is a region that is frequently named as the “best place for ex-pats to live” across international communities. When you start to learn Chinese in Taiwan and try the unique cuisine, meet the friendly community and explore the metropolis of Taipei – you will see why!

During your language program in Taiwan, you will learn traditional Chinese. This will give you a greater understanding of the modern dialects that make up present-day Chinese society and there is nothing quite like ordering your “bubble tea” using the traditional Chinese phrases. Learn Chinese in Taiwan and embrace a traditional culture in a uniquely modern environment!

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Why learn Chinese in Taiwan?

Taiwan is a developed region whose rapid growth has made its standard of living comparable with much of Europe. It’s played a critical role in the digital revolution, as Taiwan manufactures some of the latest electronic devices. On the other hand, 70% of the region is covered in abundant nature as a result of its subtropical climate. Although the island is relatively small (36,000 km²), its diversity is astounding!

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