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Learn English in England

For many years, England has held its position as the number one language travel destination, and with good reason. Learning English in England is a fantastic opportunity to be surrounded by English day in, day out, and quickly develop those essential language skills. At ESL, we’ve been helping students to study English in England for over 20 years now, where they really get to discover the nation behind the world’s most spoken language.

Frequently asked questions about English courses in England

Why study English in England?

The real reason is obvious: England is the birthplace of the language! Thousands flock every year to study and learn ‘authentic’ English, in an environment famed worldwide for its exceptional standards of education. If you choose to take an English language course in England you’ll learn about the diversity of people, different accents, and traditions that make up multicultural England! On top of this, England and the rest of the UK are easy to explore, so you can really travel while you’re there and get to know this beautiful, historic country!

Where should I learn English in England?

There are many cities offering English language courses in England, so you can either choose one location, or travel around some of the UK’s most iconic cities while you study. The sprawling metropolis of London offers an amazing cultural experience with its influences and travellers from all over the world, while some of England’s more northern cities like Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds, give you the chance to get closer to some of the country’s more famously friendly locals during your English course in England. ESL offers courses in locations across England, including famous university towns like Oxford and Cambridge, and smaller seaside towns like Torbay, perfect for discovering the ‘real’ England outside the cities.

Why choose ESL to study English in England?

We’ve been taking students to learn English in England for over 20 years now, and ESL’s wide portfolio covers 20 different locations in England alone! No matter where you want to go, we’ll help you find the perfect place for your language study adventure. From Bath to Brighton, and Cambridge to Chester, our partner schools are carefully selected to ensure that you achieve your goals, and enjoy yourself while you’re there! ESL is here to offer you free, personalised support from start to finish, guaranteeing you an unforgettable stay during your English course in England.

Which city should you choose?

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