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Want to learn Spanish abroad? Find your ideal destination in Mexico!

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Home to over 113 million native speakers, Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world - and a great choice for your next language adventure. A Spanish course in Mexico will allow you to experience this nation’s incredible natural and cultural diversity, world-famous cuisine, and of course, full immersion in the most spoken variety of Spanish on the planet! Learn Spanish in Mexico and embark on your Latin American adventure with ESL!

Spanish study destinations in Mexico

Frequently asked questions about Spanish courses in Mexico

Why learn Spanish in Mexico?

Mexico is one of our most popular destinations for students looking to learn Spanish, and it’s not difficult to understand why! With sprawling cities and buttery sand beaches to marvel at, and spicy new dishes to delight your taste buds with, there’s more than enough to explore during your Spanish course in Mexico! As if discovering a new country weren’t enough, you’ll also experience progression in your Spanish skills, speaking daily with the locals and learning in an authentic environment.

Where can I learn Spanish in Mexico?

ESL offers a wide variety of courses, with over 250 destinations to choose from worldwide. If you’re in search of those crystal clear waters, why not try Playa del Carmen? Discover life in the oldest capital city in the Americas in Mexico City, where you’ll find Aztec temples and baroque cathedrals within walking distance of one another! Browse our locations below to see where ESL can take you on your Spanish course in Mexico.

Why choose ESL for a Spanish course in Mexico?

At ESL, we want to encourage you to explore new parts of the world and help you reach your language goals at the same time. We take great care in selecting our partner schools, and we maintain a close relationship with them year round to ensure you receive the highest quality courses available. When you learn Spanish in Mexico, you’ll be in excellent hands with our partner schools, where you’ll gain the tools you need to progress your skills and create your own unique experience abroad.

Which city should you choose?

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