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Young Learners

Kids and teens of today will soon join a globalized world, so why not start showing them how fun it can be through a truly international experience?

Language programs for children and teenagers (7 - 17 years old)

Yes, young students tend to be sponge-like and therefore faster language learners. But do you know how to boost this ability? By making the learning process a real ADVENTURE! Dynamic lessons, new international friends and fun activities… the excitement never ends! Will it be an English and surf course? Or a French and horse riding program? Or how about Spanish and dancing? You decide! What’s more, you can also choose to learn more unusual languages such as Japanese or Korean!

Key information

Course duration:
1+ week
Minimum age:
Class size:
Average 12–15
Entry level:
Beginner - Advanced

Why go on a Junior language course abroad?

By enrolling in one of our Junior courses, young learners will:

  • Learn to communicate in a new language on a daily basis
  • Make friends from all over the world and thus acquire essential social and intercultural skills
  • Enjoy fun and active classes taught by experienced native instructors
  • Have the time of their lives thanks to our carefully planned activity program
  • Develop a never-ending sense of curiosity and global awareness

More about our language courses abroad for kids and teens

Over 25 years of experience has taught us that children and teenagers require very specific and tailor-made programs. This is why aside from offering numerous activity choices, we only work with language schools that offer lively and age-adapted lessons; we select accommodation options very carefully and make sure all adults involved are well trained and provide suitable supervision; and last but not least, we guarantee every aspect of our young learners’ language courses abroad focuses on creating a fun and sociable environment – the perfect setting to create unforgettable friendships!

Why choose ESL for a Junior language course abroad?

Our vast experience working with young learners has allowed us to develop very specific courses that guarantee active learning in a safe and constantly supervised environment. If you book one of our Junior courses, you will receive the following free services:

  • An expert advisor who will guide you through the best options for children and teenagers
  • A choice of accommodation options such as host families or supervised student residences
  • Support for your travel arrangements – our team is here to offer help with flights, documentation etc.
  • Personalized and extensive suggestions as to what to combine the language course with – our Language PLUS courses  
  • Information on our special offers and discounts so as to make sure you maximize your budget


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Want to know more? Get in touch and let us fill you in! Alternatively, you can also find more information on our free brochure.

Frequently asked questions about courses for young learners abroad

How long does a language camp last?

Summer camps typically last from 1 week up to four weeks, but you can choose exactly how many weeks your child spends at language camps. Typically, students will have an average of 15 language lessons per week.

Will my child be supervised on their journey to the camp?

If children are flying to their language camp destination, you may add an Unaccompanied Minors (UM) service to their flight. In this case, children will be assisted by airline representatives as they make their way through check-in to the boarding gate, and again at the destination airport. However, if it is possible, you may drive your child to the language school and pick them up again at the end of the stay.

Will children do any activities outside of language learning?

Most language lessons take place in either the morning or afternoon during the week, leaving students with plenty of free time. Younger learners will be supervised during their free time and may take excursions or do additional activities during this time. Teenagers will enjoy more independent free time, which they might spend exploring the local area, though there are always additional activities to enjoy if they wish.

Do you have further questions about studying abroad with ESL?

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