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Summer camp in Japan

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Japanese summer camp for teenagers and children in Japan

Learn Japanese in Japan this summer, and you’ll certainly be the envy of all your friends and family! ESL’s junior Japanese courses in Japan , especially designed for 13-17 year-olds, offer a unique, incredible experience, where you can truly get to know the Japanese language and culture, learning something new every day and seeing the amazing sights of the Land of the Rising Sun – think towering skyscrapers, kitsch cafés, next-level fashion and design, delicious food…need we go on? Japan has something for everyone!

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Why do a summer camp in Japan?

 If you really have your heart set on learning Japanese, is there any better place to study than in the country where the language is spoken? You’ll get to travel and experience Japanese culture for yourself, while being involved in stimulating lessons which will help you progress in your Japanese skills much quicker than you would at home! You’ll combine your lessons with exciting activities, learning more about Japan through traditional calligraphy, kimono experiences, and who could forget Japan’s number one favourite pastime…karaoke!

What will I do on my junior Japanese course in Japan?

 Now we’ve covered the fun cultural activities, you must be wondering what else you’ll be doing on your course. Of course, you’ll be learning Japanese, but it won’t be anything like the lessons you have at school. Your Japanese summer camp is designed to be more than just a language class - you’ll have fun, stimulating classes in the morning, then in the afternoon you’ll discover the real Japan with your new international friends, under the school’s supervision. ESL’s junior Japanese courses in Japan attract students from around the world - you can try out your Japanese skills together!


Where will I stay during my Japanese summer camp in Japan?

 As Japan is a long way away for many of our students, we want to make sure that our young students feel comfortable in a new country, and are welcomed from their very first day. ESL offers junior students the chance to stay with a host family, where you’ll get to experience day-to-day life in Japan, being shown around by those with the best insights! Our partner schools hand-select their host families, and work hard to make sure each and every student is in a supportive, welcoming environment. You’ll have no time to miss home during your junior Japanese course in Japan!

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