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Summer camp in Australia

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English summer camps in Australia: Programmes for teenagers and children

Can you imagine anything more incredible than studying English half a world away? Well, on one of ESL’s junior English courses in Australia, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing! Take a trip Down Under to experience the other side of the globe - where sun, sea and surfing are the order of the day, koalas hang from the trees, and there’s always room for another shrimp on the barbie! Learn English in Australia and you’ll come back with more than language skills…we promise!

Summer Camp in Australia

Why do summer camp in Australia?

A junior English course in Australia combines learning with the chance to discover new things every single day, and we’re not just talking about how to surf (though of course, in Australia that’s easy enough to arrange). You’ll explore Australia’s incredible wildlife, striking national parks, and learn more about how the country’s Aboriginal culture co-exists with modern Australian life. You’ll experience all of this and more with young people from around the world, and make new international friends who’ve travelled to study English in Australia, just like you!

What will I do on my junior English camp in Australia?

Your junior English course in Australia will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before - our partner schools design lessons and courses with young people in mind, guiding you to learn and practise in a fun, dynamic environment. You won’t need to sit and memorise grammar, as you’ll be involved from the very first day, and will be encouraged to learn on the go. You’ll hear and speak English every day, and you’ll also be able to practise as you travel around Australia, taking in the unique sights and seeing the famous Oz for yourself.

Why choose ESL to learn English in Australia?

We want you to have the best learning experience available, which is why we tailor language courses to each and every student, offering flexible options including add-on activities, such as tennis or surfing courses, plus the opportunity to really integrate into Australian life with a host family. All our host families are hand-picked by the school to ensure you’re shown an incredible time during your stay Down Under. What’s more, we support you every step of the way during your booking experience with us, with your own personal language travel consultant to advise you before, during, and after your course!

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